Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stephen Harper and his fluffers

What an extraordinary amount of work it takes to keep Steve afloat.
(Think the flapping bald guy requested a copy he can show to his kids?)

But it obviously is a lot of work - getting election endorsements from 95% of the nation's media owners; prorogation; contempt of parliament; election fraud; polling fraud; muzzling backbenchers, gov. academics, and staff; gutting and dismantling independent gov. departments and research - like the ELA and StatsCan; lying about the costs of things he wants - like the F-35; the EAP ads; creating a climate of fear in the civil service; marginalizing labour and the provinces; cutting funding for NGOs; tabling a budget without numbers and cutting short debate on it; appointing 58 Cons to the Senate; shilling for the tarsands; and of course surrounding himself with grifters and bagmen, and prats like that knitted scarf above, running up and down pumping up 12-year olds in China to cheer for Steve so the footage can be shown to the Canadian public back home. 

But mostly, mostly what it takes to keep Steve afloat is taking the already profoundly apolitical Canadian public and making even more of us too disgusted and disheartened to have anything to do with politics at all. 
This is Steve's legacy to us.

Thwap has a few ideas about how to shift this sorry state of affairs from the ground up - which is the only way any real and lasting change happens - and wants your help mapping out a plan.
Thwap : Part 1 ; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4.

We have to start somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Love the fluffer vid but Thwap's ideas will not galvanize the sheeple.

Alison said...

Maybe not yet, hence "we have to start somewhere."
There are a quarter of a million Colombian farmers blocking all the roads into the capital this weekend in order to galvanize its sheeple because they, the farmers, can't compete with imported produce prices. I daresay not all of them are galvanizing political geniuses either but they're doing it regardless.

West End Bob said...

If Anon above is dissatisfied with Thwap's suggestions, perhaps he/she would like to provide others to forward the cause?

It's going to take a lot of pressure from within to move the sheeple away from their Facebook accounts, Reality TeeVee and the latest scoop on Justin Bieber or their favourite hockey team. Anything that accomplishes that in a measurable way is an accomplishment and should be supported . . . .

thwap said...

Well, that was an unexpected surprise!

Watching that pathetic man, reading your concise, eloquent summary of harper's negative contributions to Canadian democracy, and then seeing links to my poor little scheme at the end of it all.

I posted about that (generally unreported) Colombian uprising under my own name. It's really stirring. If the USA loses Colombia, that'll be pretty much it for Latin America.

There is going to be a crisis and it will either be won by us or by some incarnation of the revolting Tea-Baggers.

Alison said...

Hi Thwap. I didn't think it a poor little scheme at all - just don't think the necessary natural momentum is there for it yet when what we need is this. Still - good on ya.
Wonder if it was your piece I read on Colombia - not knowing your real name.

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