Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Only in Canada, you say?

DAMMIT JANET! has a post up about a fetus fetish twit-a-thon going down tomorrow targeting Canadian legislators in four provinces to #defundabortion.

LifeSite News Canada is promoting the action : Tweet-a-thon planned for Canada
"Pro-lifers in Canada will take to Twitter Thursday to urge provincial governments to end taxpayer funding of abortion. 
Campaign Life Coalition is organizing a tweet-a-thon from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to coincide with Defund Abortion rallies organized Thursday in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario. They are urging pro-lifers to use the hashtag #DefundAbortion throughout the day, and include their MPP’s handle in their tweets.  
Be sure to tweet as many times as you can throughout the day and invite your friends to do the same."
Curious about how Canadians are responding to this. I checked out the 45 comments under their article. Excerpted from 9 separate comments :
  • ... real import is the deleterious impact that obamacare is already having on the livelihoods of millions of Americans.
  • Abortion has been legal since the 1970s, and Barack Obama is being blamed for that
  • House Republicians are not fully committed to the American Constitution
  • The Americans who agree with ObamaCare are ignorant. 
  • Obama administration and Congress don't care;
  • Our founding fathers intended for the right to life to extend to an unborn child
  • Russia has a better future than America.
  • Americans want their government back
  • Shutting down the government would be a bad thing, but ObamaCare will be far worse.
  • Obama is a dictator. He is ruling, not the Congress.
OK, you get the idea ... and so on and so on throughout all 45 comments on Campaign LifeSite News Canada
Not one mention in any of them of Canada or Canadians anywhere.

Where exactly is it you guys get your funding from again?

Thursday Update from CBC : Pro-choicers outnumber anti-abortionists at Thursday afternoon protest


Anonymous said...

Hey feti fetishi, when you tweet your MLA "as many times as you can throughout the day", be sure to include pix of your US-funded fetus mobile. Everyone loves that shit.

Alison said...


opit said...

The turkeys really think GOP Lite will go over without anyone noticing. It's been done, already. When the blue machine in Alberta tried that noise, the CMA told them where to stuff it. Doctors were not to allow the state to insert itself between doctor and patient. I can't see that changing.

Alison said...

Yeppers, but the concept of defunding abortion is a strategic attempt at chewing a little hole in that predominantly pro-choice public opinion - appealing to that baser instinct of not wanting to pay to help out anyone else.
Happily it was a big flop - see update

opit said...

I don't think I consider myself 'enlightened' enough to think funding abortion is something I want to do. However, I do believe the alternative is worse.

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