Monday, November 30, 2015

James Moore, UNBC Chancellor

This is James Moore campaigning for Stephen Harper on October 18, the day before the last election :
"... all that effort that you've poured into everything that we've fought for for so long, all of it is for naught if over the next 24 hours, we don't make sure that we get out that vote and re-elect Prime Minister Stephen Harper." 

This is *a government that actively muzzled Federal Scientists, that steadfastly failed to take meaningful action to address global climate change, that stifled legitimate democratic dissent, that discounted the need for a Federal inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous woman, and which sought to exploit anti-Muslim sentiment amongst Canadians in order to bolster its electoral fortunes.

This is University of Northern BC Board of Governors Chair Ryan Matheson on CBC Daybreak North defending the board's appointment of Moore as chancellor two days ago : 
"James Moore represents a lot of great things about what UNBC is - James being one of the most public alumni from UNBC ... UNBC being a great educator of minds is producing world class leaders."
UNBC Chair Ryan Matheson is the provincially appointed alumni representative on the Board of Governors 

This is the petition to Ryan Matheson created by a UNBC senator:

UNBC must reverse its decision to appoint James Moore as Chancellor *

Update : Prince George Citizen, Nov. 30 : Faculty, alumni call on UNBC to reverse James Moore appointment as chancellor

Amy Blanding #takebackunbc : "Members of Parliament of Canada are not eligible to be members of the board (a chancellor is considered a board member). Moore was nominated while he was still a sitting Member of Parliament. This seriously calls into question the legitimacy of his appointment and the process."

The Province, Dec 1 : Ex-Conservative MP Moore faces backlash over UNBC appointment
"Ryan Matheson, chair of the UNBC board of governors, said the university is listening and plans to reach out to those who have voiced concerns but will not reverse the appointment.
Matheson said it is “unfortunate” Moore is being judged on his previous political affiliations."
Previous political record, if you please, Mr. Matheson

Tuesday update : So remember that sexting scandal about James Moore and Vanessa Schneider, senior aide to Con Minister of Infrastructure Denis Lebel?
I don't care who James Moore is doing or isn't doing but it turns out that in April this year, Vanessa Schneider was appointed new communications director to BC's Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson : BC Liberals stock-up on spinners for advanced education


West End Bob said...

Oh, fer krissakes! Shoulda known something like this would happen, tho. Wonder where 'Ole peter mackay will end up? Some posh, no-skills-needed cushy corporate position, no doubt.

Petition signed and submitted, M'Lady . . . .

thwap said...

Another rugged, free-market individualist sucking off the public teat.

Dana said...
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Dana said...

The women on campus had best beware. Chancellor Wilfrid is cumming.

Alison said...

Dana : See update

Dana said...

Yah...maybe she'll keep him busy enough to leave the kids on campus alone.

Honestly, I don't know what so many of Canada's institutes of higher learning are thinking these days.

I mean it's bad enough all these highly educated assholes have managed to create so many sophisticated ways to screw up the planet and the population but now one of those institutions is appointing one of the finest lard-assed examples of 21st century neo-fascism to high office, even if it's only a ceremonial one.

Anonymous said...

Let us remember that a chancellor does nothing to run a university. They are like the governor-general in Canada or the Queen in England. They are just there are a person who collects a great salary. This is a job for one who is on the right side of the powers that be, much like a senator.

Dana said...

Apparently the anonymous above would be OK with a GG or Monarch with repellent views and a history of salacious tweets.

OK then...

e.a.f. said...

Moore needed a job so the Cons tapped their good friend, Christy, to take care of him. Its all good in photo op land.

Anonymous said...

The results of a recent FOI request suggest that the BOG itself just barely supported the nomination of Mr. Moore.

Fellow Blogger said...

The results of a recent FOI request suggest that the UNBC BOG just barely supported the nomination of Mr. Moore.

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