Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hissy fit on #ERRE committee

in which CPC MP Blake Richards uses up his timeslot on committee to berate the Liberals for not reading out twitter questions submitted by the public about holding a referendum ... instead of just reading those questions aloud himself. 

As noted by the Chair, the purpose of this Electoral Reform Committee meeting was to question and hear testimony from former Elections Canada CEO JP Kingsley. 

Richards is replacing Jason Kenney on the #ERRE committee while Kenney is off saving Alberta. 
When the idea of allowing public input to the committee via twitter was first proposed, Mr Kenney dismissed it as :
"We are not here to be conduits for twitter or other platforms of social media in which there is sometimes a robust and vulgar public debate..."
Perhaps this explains why Mr Richards declined to read out those twitter questions himself.

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Boris said...

Sigh. Question period grandstanding. Off-topic and well, like you said, he could of read them himself. There's a change that all this referendum talk and obstruction could backfire so very badly on the Tories should polls start to show a clear preference for something other than the FPTP they currently benefit from.

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