Friday, March 13, 2009

Cramer vs Stewart

Once again Jon Stewart, the supposedly fake news anchor - "Hey, I come on at night after Puppets Who Kill!" - exposes the real fake : a supposedly real financial NBC journalist.

Puppets who kill, indeed.

Update : Drat! Foiled by Viacom!

Well, you can still catch it at Mike Watkin's in four parts.



West End Bob said...

"drf" and I watched it over dinner this evening. As usual, Jon was spot on, and it was good to see that no punches were pulled. Cramer appeared severely chastened, but we'll see if it lasts on the cable airwaves. If the mediamogliopia can't stir up controversy, how does one expect them to generate $$$$ for the CORPORATION ? ? ? ?

Q said...

I was expecting Cramer to forcefully defend himself or at least get mad...heh...but he went right back to his show ignoring the dressing down and he even made a backward sneer at the puppet's work isn't done.

Anonymous said...

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