Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey, Globe&Mail, who's your daddy?

I didn't think I'd be mentioning Tim Pawlenty so soon again after Steve's rip of Pawlenty's tea party ad for his own election campaign, but for the third time in five days the G&M has run a story on TeaPaw's entry into the Republican race for the 2012 presidential nomination.

"A laid-back Midwestern Republican who governed a Democratic-leaning state, " went Friday's fluffer.
"A serious Republican," reads the headline in today's Globe Editorial, "to make Americans forget Donald Trump." A list of TeaPaw's virtues ensues, winding up with :
"Mr. Pawlenty is pursuing sound policy ideas for the greater long-term benefit of the United States.

Mr. Pawlenty is on the right track: His brand of truth-telling is a political strategy that could ultimately be more rewarding than the usual approach, stroking the base’s pleasure points."
Speaking of not stroking the base's pleasure points, TeaPaw presents his own one minute endorsement of himself :

In their rush to publish their latest Republican mancrush, the G&M appears to have forgotten all about the Tea in TeaPaw. Here he is in January with American Family Association's Bryan Fischer :
I've been a strong supporter of the family, pro-life positions, traditional marriage positions.
I was co-author of the law in Minnesota that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. I've been a vocal supporter of an amendment in Minnesota that would put that into our constitution.
[W]e now have a small majority of people on our Minnesota Supreme Court we are conservative and strict constructionist. I think Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided by the Court. But I have been careful that I appoint people, particularly at the appellate level, that share this strict constructionist philosophy.
I have been a public supporter of maintaining Don't Ask, Don't Tell and I would support reinstating it as well.
Harper's former deputy chief of staff Patrick Muttart was working for both the Con war room and US PR firm Mercury Public Affairs/IGG Group's "Canada/US practice" during last month's election. Muttart's new boss is Terry Nelson, now Senior Advisor to TeaPaw.

So, G&M, who's your daddy?


double nickel said...

I wish I could quit my subscription allover again. What a rag.

sunsin said...

What the hell is the point? How many American voters read the Grope and Flail? Freestyle sucking up, sucking up for the sake of sucking up -- weird.

Anonymous said...

Grope and Flail have been huge promoters of the 'we are all North Americans now' meme - they're just excited, Sunsin.

Sixth Estate said...

The fact that Pawlenty qualifies as the "serious Republican" really says more about how crazy the Republican Party has become than anything else.

American politics is beginning to worry me.

Cliff said...

There's a great letter to them today from an actual resident of Minnesota laying out the path of literal destruction Timmeh left behind in the state.

Alison said...

Thanks, Cliff. People from Minnesota might not much like him but at least he's virtually unknown in the rest of the U S of A.

Sixth Estate : I have one word for you - Newt - and last night I heard Trump is considering throwing his hairpiece back in. ;-)

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