Sunday, May 01, 2011

Orange Crush Sunday : Cons-34, NDP-31, Libs-21, Green-6

EKOS poll of 2,690 Canadians April 29-May1. Regionals at link.

Seat Projections

1) CPC 130 to 146 seats

2) NDP 103 to 123 seats

3) LPC 36 to 46 seats

4) BQ 10-20 seats

5) GP 1 seat


West End Bob said...

Oh please, Oh please, Oh please . . . .

sunsin said...

Fingers AND toes crossed.

If Harper actually ends up with fewer seats than he started with, I think he'll spontaneously combust.

susansmith said...
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sunsin said...

A pity that the Liberals crashed quicker than the NDP was able to pick up their supporters. It will be a difficult four years, but it can also be the worst four years of Harpy's life if we work hard. He's incapable of not overplaying his hand, and if he somehow restrains himself, his nut wing will scream bloody murder.

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