Thursday, April 18, 2013

Backbenchers Spring officially over

Two weeks ago the Backbenchers Spring was full of hope as Langley Con MP Mark Warawa and his five brave Con backbenchers rose up to defend the very soul of democracy, and incidentally, Wawawa's right to independent Steve-free abortion speech in the House of Commons in the form of Motion 408.

Sadly it was not to be.  Yesterday ...

Wawawa will drop bid for vote on sex-selective abortion :

"Over that last couple of weeks, I seriously considered my options and how best to move this issue forward.
I've decided to continue working on the sex selection, gendercide issue by speaking at university campuses, giving lectures and engaging in debates." 

Feel free to sing along with me : Bravely bold Sir Wawa, brave Sir Wawa ...

Wednesday April 24 Backbencher Spring update :  Our story so far ..... Justin's backbenchers freedom motion gets bumped by Cons sudden need to debate/pass the Combating Terrorism Act on Monday, during which the Trainspotter Two get busted for terrorism. Yeah, I know. 
Anyway, Speaker Scheer tells backbenchers to grow a pair and if they want to speak in the House, he will recognize them. So today ... and can you stand the tension, the anticipation, the drama? ... Wawawa catches Scheer's eye, rises, and delivers a homily to his riding's arts centre contest, Langley Has Talent.
So there you have it - the new self-censoring backbencher robots may now speak. What a historic victory for democracy and local talent contests everywhere.


Kev said...

Nice nomination papers you got there, be a shame if they didn't get signed

Boris said...

Oh, I wonder how that conversation went?

West End Bob said...

Guess one of his "options" didn't include ruffling der fuehrer's feathers . . . .

Anonymous said...

Harper's caucus, is as they really are? Useless, spineless, gutless wonders. They fully deserve to be dictated to by an evil tyrant. Harper the control freak has, all of the caucus under his thumb. Shame on them for supporting, a monster such as Harper.

Alison said...

Yeah but it's all ok now coz Wawawa is going to replace his abortion motion with a bill more to Steve's liking - his last-minute cobbled-together Safe At Home Act "to protect children from sexual predators"

It's all vaginas all the time with Wawawa.

Holly Stick said...

Off-topic, an interesting little story about the Manning Centre:

David Climenhaga has blogged before about them planning to target municipal gov'ts.

Alison said...

Thanks, Holly. Will Global run it, I wonder?

re Manning Centre targeting local government - as you know it's part of their core mandate :
Improving local governments through free markets

Holly Stick said...

Yes, the Global story is out now:

As I learned from twitter:

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