Monday, July 21, 2014

Gaza Protests Around the World - July 2014

Sixty or so pix of Free Gaza protests from all over the world including Israel. There's a lot more of course but here's rather more than I'm seeing from our nervous media who continue to nervously cling to the fiction that the occupied and the occupier are somehow equal combatants in "cutting the grass".

Meanwhile, Steve is now standing around up to his armpits in fire and water with Netanyahu and the Israeli rightwingnuts in his coalition, who have just today shelled a Gazan hospital for the third time in a week, thus ensuring that even more enraged and dispossessed Gazan youngsters will grow up hating and ultimately targeting Israel.  

And so it goes ...

July 27 Update : Annie Robbins is still updating with dozens of new ones : Sarajevo, Taipei, Limpopo, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Karachi, Auckland, Maldives, Iceland, Frankfurt, Houston ..... 


Anonymous said...

Israel uses “aid” money from USA and Britain and Canada to fund Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestine and Syria and its military campaigns, which in turn serve as an laboratory to develop weapons, surveillance technology, and tactics of population control…

***** that are then marketed across the globe.

Alison said...

Thanks for that link, Nadine.
If you haven't already seen it, here's a recent interview with Israeli economic researcher Shir Hever. He also contends that Israeli security companies are using the occupation of Gaza to market the tools of occupation to other countries :

Israel, World Capital of Homeland Security Industries

and that there was a trade show after Cast Lead at which the Israeli army showed how each and every one of their inventions were used in the attack on Gaza.

I excerpted some of it here a week ago.

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