Saturday, July 12, 2014

"This Land is Mine" and Marketing the Tools of Occupation

Nina Paley's brilliant "A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant" and her Who's-killing-who viewer's guide 

Some news headlines from yesterday and today ..
Haaretz : Israel's international credit to pound Gaza is running out
Businessweek : Israel Tells Gazans to Leave Homes Before Intensified Attacks
CP : Canada Accuses UN Official Of Unfairly Criticizing Israeli Operation In Gaza  
G&M Harper confirms Canada’s support for Israel in conversation with Netanyahu
Media Co-op : Canadian hands involved in Gaza bombings

Real News Network interviews Shir Heveran Israeli economic researcher in the Alternative Information Center - a Palestinian-Israeli organization - on how Israeli security companies are using the occupation of Gaza to market the tools of occupation to other countries : 

HEVER: "Israel is now the world capital of homeland security industries. They're selling security cameras, surveillance equipments, drones, riot gear. That is the sort of technology that governments need in order to control their citizens. And it comes not just with the actual technology; it comes also with an ideology. It comes with the ideology that, look what Israel is doing, how Israel is controlling Palestinians and every aspect of their lives, and decides who can pass and who gets a permit and so on, and uses this technology to leave Palestinians no option to resist, and why don't we sell that to other governments around the world.
So, obviously, these security companies' business model is built on the occupation. These are companies that their motto when they go to arms trade shows and show their equipment, they say, this has already been tested by the Israeli army on actual people. You can only have that because of the occupation. So every new weapon is first sold to the Israeli army, shot at Palestinians. Then you can sell it.
After this invasion of Gaza that we were talking about [Operation Cast Lead], there was a trade show that the Israeli army did where they showed how each and every of these new inventions were used in the attack on Gaza, completely shamelessly.
The attacks become demos, and these companies make a profit out of it, and then these companies are hiring senior Israeli officials. I don't think that means that they want to end the peace process or sabotage the peace process; it means they want to continue it forever, because as long as it continues, they can continue these periodic attacks and they can continue the occupation.
JAY: Yeah, 'cause the peace process is a process of never coming to an agreement about peace. 
HEVER: Exactly. Exactly.
The whole interview is well worth your time.

War was always a racket; Hever argues occupation is one too.


West End Bob said...

I've not read the interview yet, but the vid you inserted is great, M'Lady. Maybe not new, but I don't recall seeing it before . . . .

Anonymous said...

Interview with the Israeli guy - holy shit! Can't imagine an interview like that on Canadian media.

Anonymous said...

I wish Baird would STFU. These guys will do and say anything to get in the international news. Baird and Harper speak for such a small group that I wish they would stop using the phrase that Canada supports Israel's right to "protect itself". From where I live in Hong Kong, our country and those that run it are viewed as a laughing stock. Their (our) contempt for the U.N. is not worthy of or a real expression of Canadas great history as a peace keeper.

Anonymous said...

You think your media is bad.

Down here in the US of A, ABC ran footage of bomb blasts and Gazans standing amid the wreckage of their homes while Diane Sawyer said “We take you overseas now to the rockets raining down on Israel today as Israel tried to shoot them out of the sky" and "An Israeli family trying to salvage what they can" ABC later made a small correction on their FB page.

Fox is still broadcasting footage of the bombing of Gaza with the trailer "Militants fire rockets on Israel" under it.

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