Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Why Canada has no mandatory GHG caps

GHG emissions 1990 to 2005 - Up 25%

Amount over Kyoto target - 32.7%

SUVs & Light duty trucks - Up 109%

Petroleum Industries - Up 56.4%

"Much of the increase in the Petroleum Industries sector is attributable to the rapid growth in crude oil and natural gas exports to the United States over the period.

Fugitive releases (e.g. methane leaks from pipelines) contributed just as significantly to GHG emissions - a growth of about 54 percent. Much of this increase is the result of higher crude oil and natural gas exports."

DeSmogBlog : 5 Reasons Canada is NOT a leader in reducing GHGs.

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Anonymous said...

" Why Canada has no mandatory GHG caps"

Because, as NDP strategist Jamey Heath explains in his not horrible new book, people like you gave the Liberals a free pass on the environment.

Instead of doing the kneejerk thing here and denying everything like a politician, consider the possibility that I and your comrade Heath may have a point.

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