Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Get your war off

A mere four days after appointing a panel of hawks and deep integrationists to determine Canada's future in Afghanistan, Harper announced his intention to have us stay till 2011 regardless. I guess their work is mostly already done then.

The purpose behind convening the panel now was to defuse any call to bring down the government over the Throne Speech, and to drive a wedge between the pro- and anti-war factions of the Libs. Possibly you remember Harper crossing the floor to shake Ignatieff's hand after securing sufficient Lib votes to extend the mission another two years last year. Let's not do that again.

If you would like to send a little note along to Steve and the opposition parties demanding an end to the war now , you can do so here, courtesy of Ceasefire.


Anonymous said...

Come on, Alison, he has to inform the panel what their recommendation will be, doesn't he? And as part of his campaign for open and accountable government, he did it in public. What could there possibly be to criticise in that? We can't have the panel actually basing their findings on the evidence, after all.

Alison said...

I agree it will be hard for them to find ground not already exhaustively covered by umpteen other think tanks, standing committees and watchdog organizations, to which by comparison our guys will be starting from zero.
Did you see Manley on the tube?
He read the four guidelines and asked where the option for increased military action was; Harper explained they were just guidelines. Oh yeah.....

Anonymous said...

Geez, Harper found a worse hawk than himself? Or a more blatant one, at least.

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