Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hillier's ten years

The Star Oct 25 : 10 more years for Afghan security, says Hillier

Huge stink. Why? Because here in Canada we choose to forget this is an American war.

CBS News Oct 7 : "Six years after the first U.S. bombs began falling on Afghanistan's Taliban government and its al Qaeda guests, America is planning for a long stay. Originally envisioned as a temporary home for invading U.S. forces, the sprawling American base at Bagram, a former Soviet outpost in the shadow of the towering Hindu Kush mountains, is growing in size by nearly a third."
U.S. Army Col. Jonathan Ives : "Our commitment to them is really saying we will be here until you have the security and stability that allows you to be a developing country on your own, and if that's 10 years then it's 10 years."

So there you have it : Hillier's ten years.


Anonymous said...

i wonder how much his cash bonus was for saying that? i'm sure harper was thinking ,'if i get him to say ten years then i'll look good for just going to 2011. i'll make a little fuss and, bingo!'

those cons are transparent alright!

Anonymous said...

Well, exactly, Scout.
Good for you for locating those missing ten years, Alison. Everyone will be pleased.

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