Monday, October 29, 2007

Portraits of America

U.S. annexes Canadian landmark in tourism video
A Disney promo video highlighting "majestic American landscapes" features the Horseshoe Falls, a portion of the Niagara Falls found entirely within Canada, instead of the two falls on the American side of the border.
The vid was released by the US State Dept and Homeland Security to be shown at airports and US embassies abroad.
Disney chair Jay Rasulo "speaks over the falls footage about the importance of showing would-be tourists "the great sites, the great vistas that they dream about all their lives when they dream about America."
Two things :
1) We should be grateful they didn't include the mounties, and
2) Looking at the promotion poster for "Portraits of America", I'm not sure it was advisable to include a picture of what appears to be a white guy wearing a black man for a hat.
Just sayin'.


MgS said...

One might speculate that the horseshoe falls are shown as a metaphor for where GWB is taking the country.

Anonymous said...

"We should be grateful they didn't include the mounties"


RossK said...


Perhaps the good folks from Disney were just confused by previous statements from our Public Safety Minister regarding which way the Falls waters flow.


Anonymous said...

I want me a hat just like that a chick magnet fer sure.

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