Friday, August 15, 2008

CanConPron, eh?

The CRTC has approved "Canada's first adult video channel offering significant Canadian adult content" because as we all know, there just isn't enough of the stuff on the intertubes already.

"According to the licence, Northern Peaks is restricted to certain genres, including: drama and comedy, long-form documentary, mini-series, theatrical feature films, game shows and human interest programming."
with 50% Canadian content.

Try not to think about Dana's post or Pale's post as you read this.

On the lighter side, Northern Peaks will apparently have close captioning...


Paul said...

Oh dear. Harper et al. must be fretting right about now. It's porn, yes. But it's jobs in Alberta. Indeed, a pickle.

As you hint, though, Alison: how long until he slashes the CRTC budget? Perhaps the arts funding cuts seen this week was the bone thrown to the AB electoral coalition?

Alison said...

Paul : I don't know how secure the CRTC is, although I bet Michael Geist does, but I do know that the National Citizens Coalition's "Agenda For Canada" lists ending CRTC censorship as a priority and Harper has not deviated from the basic tenets of that organization of which he was once vice president since gaining office.
Probably should do a post on that.

I know this is a minority opinion among lefties but I don't buy the argument that Harper is a socon so I doubt he gives a rat's ass about pron. He was quite derisive of socons under Preston Manning and hasn't done much for them since.

Paul said...

Agreed about Harper and social conservatism. His moral outrage is part of a political plan to clearly define Reform/Alliance/Conservatives from the other parties and as the only party on the right. Harper's 2003 Civitas speech suggests that defining an economic and social conservative agenda, and then slowly moving public opinion to the right on both dimensions, would cement the Conservatives as the new government party. He doesn't care about socon values, but he needs them.

You right that he hasn't done anything obvious for social conservatives - and has even withdrawn from key battlegrounds (e.g. gay marriage and abortion). But he has pursued more subtle avenues: reforming the judicial appointments process to add police representation, raising the age of consent, abandoning the decriminalization of pot, undermining Insite. Perhaps this is the gradual shift to the right: pursue avenues that would please socons, but also the median voter. Then bide time until a majority government.

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