Tuesday, September 09, 2008

War of the Family Guy ads

G&M : Pre-election ads portray Tory Leader as family guy
"The sale of a warm and loving Stephen Harper launched yesterday with a series of pre-election ads designed to give feeling to the Prime Minister's steely image.
One of the 30-second spots, entitled "Family is everything," portrays Mr. Harper as just an ordinary guy who loves nothing more than spending time with his kids."

G&M : Liberals show 'another side' of Dion
"The Liberal Party will unveil today a website profile of leader St├ęphane Dion as an outdoorsy, passionate, family- and dog-loving man with rugged interests welded to the Canadian mythologies of nature and the North."

Evidently we are all morons.


Anonymous said...


West End Bob said...

Or, at the very least, the media consultants assume we are . . . .

Alison said...

Jabberwocky : I lost track of ShunLunn about the time the Green decided not to participate.
I note that Green, Lib and Dipper canndidates are all running in the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding.

For anyone unfamiliar with ShunLunn, it was a campaign to have a pre-election run-off that would have left only one candidate standing against the truly appalling Gary Lunn, who wins every time with 30+% of the vote.

WEB : And as you have said before, with their help we'll get there.

RossK said...

Kady O'Malley gives it to a couple of notorious 'new' media consultants here, but good.

(if you want to cut to the chase ff to ~ the 51st* minute)

*ironic that, eh, Alison

RossK said...

The number I mean.


West End Bob said...

But, but, but Ross! If you ff to minute 51, you miss the fabulous mcsame video!

As a sidelight, is "The Agenda" with Steve Paikin available locally, or only as I have been watching it as a podcast or online ? ? ? ?

Alison said...

Don't know, Bob - I thought you were our new media-savvy guy.

Interesting clip, Ross. Kady still da bomb!

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