Friday, February 06, 2009

Over 75% of infrastructure funds went to Con ridings last year

"The Opposition party's analysis of the $1 billion dispensed from the Building Canada fund found 21 of 26 projects receiving money are in ridings that elected Consevative MPs, Liberal infrastructure critic Gerard Kennedy said.
Kennedy told the House of Commons during Thursday's question period that it leaves the majority of Canadians living in opposition ridings "massively shortchanged."

Shorter Harper : I don't remember you Libs bringing this up when you helped pass our federal budget by a 211-91 vote two days ago.

Iggy : "I can't help but find I'm an impotent man," Ignatieff told the House. "Can the prime minister assure us that his infrastructure spending will benefit all Canadians, no matter where they live or who they vote for?"

Correction : Actually Iggy said "I'm an impatient man". My bad.


West End Bob said...

Careful, stevie.

iggy may have to get tough and put you on "Super Secret Probation" if you don't play well in the sandbox.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid . . . .

Holly Stick said...

Your bad? You're good. :D

Beijing York said...

Ha ha ha, I like the subliminal "impotent".

It's weird, but I never cringed when Dion spoke. When the Count speaks, I find it so grating that I can't make out his words.

Alison said...

Well, that's ok, BY, coz unlike Dion, so far the Count hasn't actually said anything.

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