Sunday, May 10, 2009

BC Election 2009 : Stop me if you've heard this one before..

Canwest Vancouver Sun, May 7, 2009 :
Sterk no 'cranky NDPer'
"B.C. Green party leader Jane Sterk, who voted for the Reform party in the 1993 federal election, said Wednesday that it's wrong to view her party's members as "just some group of cranky NDPers" who left the centre-left party.
Sterk said she has voted for Reform, the Conservatives and the Liberals, but never for the New Democrats."

Canwest Vancouver Sun, May 8, 2009 :
Campbell and the Liberals have earned right to a third term

"James and her shadow cabinet have failed to demonstrate that they have either a credible platform or the leadership capacity to persuade us that British Columbians will be better off over the next four years with a change in government."
Globe and Mail, May 8, 2009 :
No time to turn from a steady hand
"The greatest achievement of Gordon Campbell, who will seek his third term as premier on Tuesday, is to have brought a measure of calm and stability to his province.
British Columbians could make matters considerably worse by forgoing Mr. Campbell's calm leadership in favour of a party that is mostly telling them what it thinks they want to hear. Now is not the time to risk a return to erratic governance."
The G&M and Canwest papers have always issued formal endorsements of Gordo and Harper in elections but this time there is an additional raft of paid consultants to the Libs gracing their pages on a daily basis. Here is what they are lending their name to in endorsing Gordo :

Massive salary increases to himself, Cabinet, and political appointees- twice
Failed to hold legislature sessions - twice
Sold off BC Rail after campaigning on promise not to.
Sold off Terasen Gas, formerly BC Gas
Privatized power generation in run-of-rivers
Passed Bill 30 to prevent local veto of run-of-rivers
Privatized Removed government accountability for BC Ferries
Privatized hospital cleaning and food services
Privatized BC Health accounting
Privatized some healthcare jobs
Increase in fish farm licences
Exported raw logs, closing mills
Removal of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve
Tax cuts for the rich
Gave part of BC Hydro over to Accenture
Vancouver Convention Centre cost over-runs
Sea-to-Sky Highway cost over-runs
Bizarre Olympics budgeting
Gutted Ministry of Environment
Permits for resorts in public parks
Deregulated private forest lands
Reduced number of park rangers
Increased post secondary fees
Reduced number of long term care beds for seniors
Renoviction legislation
Promoted Port Mann Bridge as P-3 - failed
Lobby legislation not enforced
Lifted moratorium on trophy hunting of grizzly bears
Highest rate of child poverty in Canada 5 years running

To be continued ...


Anonymous said...

"Sterk told the editorial board of The Vancouver Sun that she doesn't understand why many B.C. environmental activists continue to support the NDP, not her party."

Maybe because the last leader of the Greens left for employment in Campbells office immediately after the last election.
Well, that and that he didn't believe in global warming.


West End Bob said...

That's quite a resume gordo has going for himself.

It's a shame the electorate will probably re-hire him.

Hope I'm wrong . . . .

Oemissions said...

We might just squeak through to a victory!If the Greens really cared, and as a Green supporter, I can say that the righteous thing for them to do this weekend is bow out to the NDP, graciously, and with great concern for our future.
The NDP have some really great candidates, but Carole James can be a bit stubborn.
Like lastime, she caused the STV defeat by her claim of not knowing enough. Isn't that your job lady, to be informed?

Anonymous said...

Pundits saying if we don't vote for STV this time, we won't get another chance for a generation.
Who are they trying to kid?
Campbell will roll this out every election so the Greens will attack the NDP on his behalf. he doesn't care whether it passes or not - it's entire value is as a wedge.


Dave said...

One quick note. BC Ferries wasn't really privatized. It's assets are still 100 percent owned by the Crown but has the unique distinction of not being a Crown Corporation.

In short, he simply removed government accountability for BC Ferries behaviour.... including the raising of fares to stratospheric levels.

Alison said...

Thanks, Dave - fixed.

Tim - I agree. And yet if STV passes - which I admit is looking unlikely at this point - then he wouldn't be able to, would he?
STV is a good idea - not the best idea, but a good start - it's just the getting there that's a bitch.

O : I've read other greens saying this too. Now if the NDP gets in - also looking unlikely at this point - then James should take an over-50% Yes vote as a sufficient mandate and get behind it.
WTF is up with Shreck?

Bob : For some reason - *cough* Canwest *cough* - the Libs' robber baron economic record has great appeal here.

Ian : I can't remember whether you live here in BC. The Greens here are a very varied bunch - from "libertarians with composters" to true working environmentalists. I would say the rank and file are not anywhere near as far right as their leadership and the same thing could be said of the NDP.

Anonymous said...

"NDP leader Carole James said she is committed to electoral reform even if the required 60 per cent threshold for adopting STV is not achieved.
“If STV doesn’t pass but there’s strong support for electoral reform, we’ll put another model on the table as a referendum in the next election,” James told reporters this week."
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