Friday, May 01, 2009

Alberta : Freedom To Create Morons

Creationism seems to have made some legal inroads into Alberta.

CBC : Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law

"A controversial Alberta bill will enshrine into law the rights of parents to pull their children out of classes discussing the topics of evolution and homosexuality.

The new rules, which would require schools to notify parents in advance of "subject-matter that deals explicitly with religion, sexuality or sexual orientation," is buried in a bill that extends human rights to homosexuals.
Parents can ask for their child to be excluded from the discussion."

So what has evolution got to do with religion? you might reasonably ask, a mere month after Con MP Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for Science and Technology, muddled them up himself.
"Stelmach has confirmed the bill will give parents the authority to exclude their kids from classes if the topic of evolution comes up."

A bill which deals with "religion, sexuality, or sexual orientation" does that?

In honour of Alberta's bid to officially become Texas North by giving parents the right to raise its children to become morons, the controversial Alberta tourism ad showing children on a Northumberland beach next to the slogan "Alberta : Freedom to Create Spirit to Achieve" has been amended above accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Controversy? What controversy? :)

RossK said...

How long before they're allowed to pull their kids out of classes when the teacher discusses something like, say, gravity?


GroovyJ said...

Why not just pull their kids out of school completely. After all, school is supposed to teach basic reasoning skills, which are pretty incompatible with religion all by themselves.

Saskplanner said...

GroovyJ. You ROCK! Fun comment and about the truth. I take it home schooling is big business in Alberta and I'm sure all those 'hom-skooled' kids get a GOOD dose of fag-hating and evolution-denying training.

I'm a new Albertan and it makes me want to move to Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly looking forward to having a new crop of citizens who know nothing about sex, basic human rights, or evolution. Should make voting for idiots that much easier for them.


thwap said...

Can other students sit it out when they start talking patriotism?

Holly Stick said...

A small town newspaper has had columns and letters about evolution lately; I haven't read all, but was disturbed that one was from a person who teaches science in high school. The teacher argued among other things that Christian fundamentalists have contributed much to science. Then the person lists Isaac Newton, Faraday and others who lived long before the current brand of "Christian" fundamentalism reared its ugly head. It's not on their website yet, maybe in a week or two.

Boris said...

Freedom from Reason. Freedom from Reality.

Alison said...

Holly : I'd be interested in a link to that website when it becomes available.

Holly Stick said...

Here is the specific letter I mentioned: but there are otheres throughout April and May.

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