Friday, May 08, 2009

BC Election 2009 : Water pressure

First there were documents from the much-beleaguered BC Ministry of the Environment revealing that run-of-river power projects breach environmental regulations - cutting down old-growth forest, construction during bird breeding season, that sort of thing - with government officials involved saying "they can't discuss what they found until after next week's provincial election.".

Now today we get this :
Environment ministry faces 'substantial pressure' from power producers, documents say

"Ministry of Environment officials sometimes face "substantial pressure" from IPP [Independent Power Project] proponents to exempt them from wildlife and habitat protection regulations that apply to the forestry sector -- and ministry staff are recommending that requests for exemptions be passed along to politicians rather than dealt with by civil servants"
"Recommended Option : If a Regional Manager does not wish to issue the exemption, it would elevate to the Minister."

Say what?
You mean the same Liberal politicians who have received $800,000 in political donations from that IPP industry and its supporters over the past 8 years would be making the call on whether specific IPPs are exempt from environmental regulation?
Good lord.
h/t Ivan in comments

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