Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jason Kenney takes another shot at equating leftists with Nazis

Some use of Israel was required...
Haaretz , May 25, 2009 :
A "new anti-Semitism" that emanates from an alliance of Western leftists and Islamic extremists is more dangerous than the "old European" form of Jew-hatred, Canada's minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism said as he wound up a four-day trip to Israel Sunday.

"The existential threat faced by Israel on a daily basis is ultimately a threat to the broader Western civilization," said Jason Kenney, explaining the staunchly pro-Israel positions of his government, led by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"It's a threat that comes from profoundly undemocratic forces that don't have the same conception of human dignity or freedom, and which abuse Israel as a kind of representative of the broader West and Western liberal-democratic values," said Kenney. "I also very acutely understand the nature of the new anti-Semitism, and I think it's even more dangerous than the old European anti-Semitism."

What a load of toadying opportunistic crap.

What's dangerous, Jason, is your government's new rebranding of anti-Semitism - one that seeks to conflate criticism of Israel with hatred of Jews, thus making a mockery of all genuine struggles against anti-Semitism.

Israel is not criticized for being a Jewish state; Israel is criticized for war crimes.

Jewish Canadians Concerned about Suppression of Criticism of Israel


thwap said...

I can't wait for Canada's majority to turf these imbeciles.

He "very acutely understands" absolutely nothing (except what the bottom of a box of sugar-cereal looks like).

Anonymous said...

Kenney is right, the far Left is becoming anti-Semite as they were in the 30s.

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