Monday, January 27, 2014

Del Mastro fires a shot across Steve's bow

Former Tory MP Del Mastro turns on government over monetary policy

"The effect of the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the Governor of the Bank of Canada coming out and attacking the Canadian dollar was to reduce its value by about 5 per cent over the last two weeks,” Del Mastro told the radio station in an interview.

“That means the price of goods everyone has to buy … these things will, over time, go up in price."

Dean's seat in the House of Commons was banished as far away from Steve's as possible and I guess he's figured out it isn't going to float back in time for the next election .

So I guess that story on the weekend about a ghost ship full of cannibal rats cut loose by Canada was kind of an allegory, huh?


Boris said...

Allegory. I had that a once-lovely ship full of rats also fits with Canada's place in the world these days.

Beijing York said...

Great photo choice, Alison. He looks like a supporting cast member of "The Sopranos". He better tread carefully or else he'll end up in a watery grave like Big Pussy Bonpensiero.

Anonymous said...

Harper's list of degenerates, is as long as his arm. Some of which, are on their way to prison.

Del Mastro should have known better than that? Harper cuts everyone else's throats, to save his own miserable hide.

Calandra reminds me of Harper's Goebbels, with his ranting and raving.

Harper is the only Canadian PM ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament.

How that monster is permitted to keep running this country, boggles me.

Alison said...

Oops, forgot the photo credit - fixed now. Great photo from Matthew Little - I just took out the background.

Dean also one of the 19 Cons supporting Michael Chong's Reform Act.

e.a.f. said...

It may well be that Del Mastro has decided his best before date has now expired for the federal Conservatives. No one is going to protect him, after all he has done for the party.

Whoever says, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, never met a politician scorned. They can do oh so much more damage. Del Mastro has nothing to loose and everything to gain. if there is enough "shit hitting the fan" some of those who want to head the party may infact start their campaigns. Now Del Mastro may well think he is finished in politics, but an appointment to some board or such would be a nice reward for spilling the beans and./or attacking Harper.

Of course after having watched the Veterans on the late news last evening, some one ought to talk to a couple of them to get their permission to run their comments as election ads. Loved the one which told them to go to Hell and another one which told people not to vote for Harper.

Seeing the end of Harper will be wonderful!

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