Saturday, January 04, 2014

Harper's LMFAO Program

CBC : "Effective Dec.31, 2013, the government will no longer approve labour market opinion applications from employers looking to hire foreign workers in the sex trade industry, a spokesperson for the department of Employment and Social Development Canada told CBC News. An LMO is usually required to prove the need to hire a temporary foreign worker over a Canadian one."

Usually. Usually you need an LMO to prove there's no Canadian looking for the same work. Unless of course you're an Alberta employer looking to hire some temporary foreign workers as steam-fitters, pipe-fitters, carpenters, estimators, heavy-duty equipment mechanics, ironworkers, millwrights, industrial mechanics, or welders. Then you can just hire them at a job fair in Ireland to work alongside the Canadian workers you're going to lay off once the TFWs are trained up to take over. And no LMO!
The Canada-Alberta pilot program which added more eligible occupations to the TFW Annex runs to July 2016.

And about that "skills shortage" excuse used to justify importing TFWs.
TD Economics
"The notion of a severe labour market skills mismatch has topped the headlines. With data in hand, we debunk the notion that Canada is facing an imminent skills crisis."

Meanwhile ...

G&M : "Employers convicted of human trafficking, sexually assaulting an employee or causing the death of an employee will be allowed to access the Temporary Foreign Worker program after Ottawa decided to back away from a proposed ban."

Culling employers guilty of human trafficking, sexual assault, or death was deemed "too rigid and cumbersome, the government states."

So. Temporary foreign sex workers are banned because they are deemed especially "vulnerable to abuse", but employers convicted of sexual assault and human trafficking can go ahead and hire TFWs for any other work.


h/t Montreal Simon : The Cons and the Great Foreign Workers Scam.

Sunday Update : US State Dept 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report - Canada, excerpted :
"Labor trafficking victims include foreign workers from Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa who enter Canada legally—sometimes through the temporary foreign worker program—but then are subsequently subjected to forced labor in agriculture, construction, processing plants, restaurants, the hospitality sector, or as domestic servants. Reports of forced labor continue to be more prevalent in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. 
As of February 2013, there were at least 77 ongoing federal human trafficking prosecutions ... These cases involved at least 130 defendants and 119 victims.   
During the year, the wife and step-daughter of a Hungarian forced labor victim who testified against his traffickers were deported after their refugee request was denied."


West End Bob said...

Great 'toon, M'Lady ! ! ! !

karen said...

Jesus Christ! It just gets nastier by the day. What is wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

Well who wants foreign sex trade workers to be legal anyway? Certainly not their Canadian owners ...

Anonymous said...

Y'know all of those made in BC jobs Christy Clark promised?
Dec 22/2013

Thousands of jobs forecast for Chinese in,the Northern BC mine plan?
March 19/2011

Foreign temp program, rolls on in the oil patch. Recruiters charge $12,500
Dec 16/2013

Everything Harper touches, he fouls.

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