Tuesday, September 09, 2014

New Conservative ad, now with added bonus tracks

from me, celebrating Stephen Harper's economic record. Fixed it for them.

Blurb accompanying original Con ad : We're better off with Harper

"With over 1.1 million net new jobs since the recession, Canada’s economy is on the right track – thanks to the strong leadership of Stephen Harper and Canada’s Conservatives."
God bless, now.


tjd said...

To be fair, Harper has totally eliminated the problems highlighted in this video.

He would never, ever submit to these kinds of in-depth interviews again. Problem solved.

Alison said...

tjd : Harper's neoliberal agenda has of course not eliminated the problems in this video and by 2008, the year of the earliest clip, Harper was already firmly in control of his media messaging.

You'll perhaps recall that 2008 was the year the opposition parties threatened a coalition to counter Harper's lack of stimulus spending in response to the recession. Here are some of the media responses to the idea of that coalition :

Don Martin : Led by a loser, bound by the Bloc
It's a personal putsch, not a rational rebellion

Greg Weston : Stooges stage coup
Professor, socialist and separatist make their foolish move

Nat Post : Unholy alliance

G&M : A coalition in a time of economic tumult? No thank you

Ottawa Citizen : Coup d'├ętat, Canadian-style

Ottawa Citizen : We're a silly country with petty leaders

McParland: Liberal coalition could make Canada a colony of Quebec

George Jonas : A mockery of democracy

Barbara Yaffe : Will coalition shut out B.C.?

... the same media whose editorial boards 95% endorsed Harper in every election then and since.

The problem is clearly not, as you suggest, that Harper's in-depth interviews with the media were misplaced.

Fun fact : 2008 was also the year Harper appointed Duffy, Brazeau, and Wallin to the Senate.

West End Bob said...

Generally when I see stevie on the tube I immediately mute the sound so as to reduce chances of an immediate spike in blood pressure readings. Since it was your composition of his "greatest hits" list, tho, I opted to not do that in this case. Glad I didn't 'cuz you nailed it, M'Lady! Great creation and I hope it's disseminated far and wide.

If not, we increase the chances of your second Ottawa Citizen quote above becoming the norm . . . .

tjd said...
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tjd said...

Oh I agree 100%...missed the sarcasm tag :)

Alison said...

tjd : Arghh. Invisible sarcasm tag in your first comment totally obvious to me now. ;-)

Bob : Kind of appalling in retrospect to recall how heavily the media came down on the idea of opposition parties cooperating against a common foe, isn't it?

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