Friday, February 06, 2015

Won't you please give until it hurts ...

Susan Delacourt notes the Conservative Party of Canada is piqued that the "Ottawa media elite" have utterly failed to report just how rich their party is. The CPC success story of raising $20.1-million in party donations last year, including their 24% increase in donations and 28% rise in donors in the last quarter of 2013, has gone quite unremarked by the meanies in the lickspittle press. The fourth quarter, say the CPC in their letter to supporters below, was their best in a decade - which is pretty amazing all things considered. 

The only thing that will make them feel better is if you send them even more money :
"We simply cannot let the media elite and the opposition parties try to spin our victory into a loss. Help us fight back. Click here to make your contribution for 2015."

There is another campaign you might consider that won't cost you a dime.

h/t Trapped in a Whirlpool


Anonymous said...

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Alison said...

Hi Dave!
I likewise tried to contact you with additional blogpost info in January but couldn't leave a comment at PM-C2015 - my fault, I'm sure, as I always have trouble logging into Wordpress comments - and couldn't find an email addy on your site either so I blogged it on Creekside instead. Leave me your addy here on a post more than a month old and I'll get it but it won't publish.

Anonymous said...




e.a.f. said...

how very nice for the cons to have all that money at the expense of taxpayers. All that "donated" money is tax deductible. Not in favour of contributions such as that being tax deductible. In a way, it means all of us are paying for the contributions to political parties we don't agree with. That goes for a whole lot of other organizations also.

double nickel said...

Yeah, the old $/vote system didn't work so well for the Cons, so now we all pay for their propaganda.

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