Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stephen J. Harper International Airport

R. Curtis Mullen in Olathe Kansas started a petition to rename the Calgary International Airport after Steve.  It's currently sitting at 6,000 signatures with a counter-petition at 19,000.

Turns out there already is a Harper Airport a few miles away from Mullen in Kansas...

and bonus! ... it already has a STOP sign.

Perhaps Mullen could work on getting this airport renamed first, kinda work his way up.


Boris said...

I saw a comment on a FB thread about signing a petition to rename Stephen Harper the Calgary International Airport.

Good grief, can you imagine? Although rewound be fun to watch things in the event he finds himself in legal trouble over Duffy.

Anonymous said...

besides he already has a bird sanctuary named after him

Unknown said...

Boris can you imagine it? Stephen Harper International Terminal? Who in their correct mind want an airport with those initials? Calgary central :>

Anonymous said...

Rename the East Calgary Landfill to the Stephen J Harper Research Archive is doing considerably better than Rename Calgary International Airport to the Stephen J. Harper International Airport

Anonymous said...

Holly Stick here

Here's a link to the petition to change Harper's name to Calgary International Airport:

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