Friday, January 22, 2010

Canadian Olympic Committee vs. the heart patients

For the past six years, a heart disease group has been using this logo of a torch with a heart-shaped flame and the words "Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance - for life".
Naturally enough, the Canadian Olympic Committee are concerned that people might not be able to easily distinguish between a support group for congenital heart patients and the Olympics.
"Hi Everyone,
This is beyond belief. On this past Monday, we received a letter from our Patent and Trademark Attorneys advising us that The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) objected to our use of a torch and flame in our logo. We had applied to the Canadian trademark office to have our logo trademarked over a year ago. It was published and received no objections and therefore it was granted. The COC applied to have the "Objection period extended" as they failed to object during the legal time allowed and the Trademark office granted their wish.

This fight is going to cost us far more money than we have and therefore I am asking you if you would kindly donate to our Canadian Olympic Defence Fund.".
The COC lawyer's letter offers not to "proceed through to hearing and appeal, if necessary" as long as the CCHA agrees to certain conditions, including :
~CCHA agrees not to apply to register, register or use directly or indirectly its Combined Mark or a similar mark in association with the marketing, promotion, or sponsorship of sporting events or sporting goods
~CCHA agrees not to challenge, directly or indirectly the public authority status of the COC now or in the future
Well you can see the Olympic Committee's point. Just imagine thousands upon thousands of tourists trudging up the stairs to the CCHA's suite in Oakville Ontario only to discover that the congenital heart patient advocacy group has no luge, no ski hills, no skating rinks, nor even any of those peculiar hello kitty mascots. What an embarrassment for Canada that would be.
In other Owelympic logo mojo, the Vancouver Public Library has sent a list of Dos and Don'ts around to its branches :
"Do not have Pepsi or Dairy Queen sponsor your event," read guidelines sent to VPL branch heads and supervisory staff last fall. "Coke and McDonald's are the Olympic sponsors. If you are planning a kids' event and approaching sponsors, approach McDonald's and not another well-known fast-food outlet."
Ok but what about equipment used in the libraries? What if they happen to be the wrong brand?
"The same care must be taken for audio-visual equipment. The branch should try to get devices made by official sponsor Panasonic. Should staff only be able to find Sony equipment, the solution is simple.
"I would get some tape and put it over the 'Sony,' " [VPL manager of marketing and communications Jean]Kavanagh said. "Just a little piece of tape."
Own the Odium.


chris said...


"Our burning stick is bigger than yours."

Also, where might I find a definition of the word "fascism?"

The public library? Huh, never thought of that.

West End Bob said...

Excellent, Lady Alison, excellent.

Will we be seeing you on the TeeVee at any of the anti-"Owe"-lympic events ? ? ? ?

Kim said...

Jesus Christ! Saw a similar story over at Northern Insites. Little pocket hand warmers called toasteez, with a cute little flame. Didn't even look like a joint!

Kim said...

Correction..."Northern Insights", wouldn't want any corporate lawyers to see that.

Oemissions said...

more olympic crimes against humamity

Rev.Paperboy said...

but,but, but BURNING STICK! Soon come! Burning stick is doubleplusgood! Big Brother said so!

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