Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prorogue This! Vancouver rally photos

(click photos to enlarge)
"Thousands", says Canwest. 25,000 nation-wide.
And look at all those handmade signs!
Very upbeat mood throughout, passing cars honking their support, people cheering us on out of office windows. Felt great to be out on the street with Canadians who give a damn.
Notable that of the speeches given at Victory Square, the loudest and most sustained applause greeted Fair Vote Canada Shoni Field's call for electoral reform
Many thanks to University of Alberta grad student Christopher White who started the whole thing rolling with just a page on facebook, now numbering over 213,000.
And to all those talking heads who assured us nightly on the evening news that Canadians could care less that a single MP who happens to be the PM dismissed parliament via a phone call to the GG - you helped more than you know.
All in all a great day for democracy in Canada.
Lolsy Update : Naturally some Con supporters are now requiring proof that the rallies along with their extensive media coverage are not just some kind of elaborate leftie hoax.
Steve must be so proud.


chris said...

214,635 Wow. Well done all!

Huck Farper, indeed!

Oemissions said...

The Rally in Victoria was one of those "best evers".
Really well done from start to finish organized by it seemed fairly young people and students.
Denise Savoie MP compared the prorogue to the last few minutes of a hockey game and a player has been passed the puck, is heading for a goal and the game is stopped.
I am seriously impressed by the articulateness and passion of so many young people at the Rallies.

Oemissions said...

Huck Farper!

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