Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lib MP links pie tossing to terrorism

Liberal MP Gerry Byrne says he believes the federal government should investigate whether the pieing of Fisheries Minister Gail Shea by a woman opposed to the seal hunt constitutes an act of terrorism.

I think Gerry should at least get a cupcake for that.

Gerry Byrne hails from Newfoundland Labrador where, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada:

"Approximately 1% of the total population of Newfoundland and Labrador derive income from sealing."

When last we heard from our FishMin Gail Shea, she was promoting BC's fish farms at a trade show in Norway, where their Minister of Fisheries is "a co-owner of a salmon farming company and former head of the Norwegian salmon farmers association". Over 90% of the open-pen fish farms in BC originate in Norway.

Asked about the connection between fish farming and the collapse of the Skeena and Fraser River salmon fisheries in December, Gail Shea, minister in charge of Fisheries and Oceans, said : "Nobody knows what’s happening in the marine environment."

I'm betting right now you want to replay that vid at least one more time.

We have had 5 pieings of politicians in Canada in the last decade, two of which were misses. Colby Cosh at Macleans says it's all fun and games till someone throws an acid pie, a particularly daft and rather desperate argument which depends on conflating tofu with acid. Or as one commenter over there points out : "it is stupid to say that pie throwing is serious because somebody could throw something WHICH IS NOT A PIE"

UPDATE : From Dammit Janet : Tofu Pie - It's the New Anthrax



chris said...

Haha! Thanks, Alison, made my day a little brighter.
The Norwegians are here on the right coast too.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, being a Muslim is rather like flying a plane into a building or two.


Oemissions said...

When I read and viewed the pie push in the face I was disappointed that it wasn't about the farmed salmon.
But a little later I got the email from Alexandre Morton, saying: "We won again"!

Alison said...

O: Wasn't that good news! I don't know why the FedFisheries continue to support farmed salmon and have not so far insisted the Norwegians enclose their fish pens. From Gordo's perspective, the sooner the wild salmon are killed off by the farmed salmon, the sooner the rivers can be dammed for private run-of-river projects.

Mac: Ah yes, the 9/11 pie connection.

Chris: Pie brightens everyone's day!

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