Friday, December 06, 2013

"A special committee that will have the right Senators on board"

Yesterday in the House, Stephen Harper publicly backed the Senate's decision not to hear testimony from Michael Runia, the Deloitte auditor who allegedly intervened in the audit into Mike Duffy’s expenses at the behest of ConFund Senator Irving Gerstein and the Prime Minister’s Office.

I doubt there's anyone left who imagines the Senate's decision on Wedneday was achieved independently of Steve's input and there's two excellent columns from Tim Harper and Murray Dobbin on that below.

But there's one email from Nigel Wright to PMO Manager of Parliamentary Affairs Patrick Rogers I haven't seen mentioned anywhere that really defines the PMO's control of the Senate. 
You will recall Rogers was the guy who got the call on Deloitte from Gerstein and reported "The Senator will call back once we have Deloitte locked in" and then correctly *predicted* their $500K audit on Duffy's residence would be a bust.

A few days after Nigel Wright's request to Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton in February that
"all unilateral action from that office cease before being cleared with me" 
and just before his remarks that 
"have to do this in a way that does not lead to the Chinese water torture of new facts in the public domain that the PM does not want..." 
is this blunt assumption of the PMO's right to have Senate committees appointed to do their bidding. Nigel Wright (page 26):
 "Patrick, we are going to need to manage the briefing of the Conservative Senators (including, hopefully Chair) of the Committee. If the Rules and Procedures committee doesn't have the right membership, then the Senate by motion should constitute a special committee that will have the right Senators on board."
So bearing that in mind ...

Tim Harper : Senate scandal: A cover-up in broad daylight
Conservatives circle the wagons to keep Michael Runia and Irving Gerstein silent, raising questions about how much damage the duo could do.


West End Bob said...

Letter to Santa:

"All I want for Christmas is a Tory-free government, please . . . ."

Anonymous said...

Nailed. It.

Anonymous said...

Yes but now? Seems Canadian Journalists, face limits on free speech.
Dec 3/2013

We all know how Politicians detest, the truth being told about their underhanded deeds.

However, Canada is no longer a democracy. Harper is a dictator and he, hates his dastardly deeds, being published. Christy Clark wants the internet monitored. She has a lot to hide too. She detests her lies being published too. She works for Harper so, she REALLY hates the web.

Crime Minister Herr Harper will use every dirty tactic in the book, to hide his crimes in this expense scandal. Herr Harper's henchmen are, useless, gutless, spineless wonders.

Harper stonewalls and blocks every investigation, that could throw him in the brig.

Alison said...

Bob : Buy long on Xmas futures now ;-)

Thanks, Anon8:08.

Free speech issue Anon@2:56 is referring to is this :

"the Redford Government made it illegal on Wednesday for any Albertan to argue that civil servants and health care workers should sometimes strike, even if such a strike happens to be against the law"

Edmonton Journal, Dec 2 :
"Alberta’s Labour Relations Code already makes it against the rules to threaten or counsel an illegal strike, though penalties for doing it are unspecified. In [James Muir, a professor of law and of history at the University of Alberta]'s analysis, the new legislation, with its pointed emphasis on stiff fines for advocating an illegal strike, is designed in part to intimidate high-profile, labour-affiliated bloggers, such as Dave Climenhaga and Dave Cournoyer."

Anonymous said...

There are rumours Harper and his caucus have had a closed door meeting on how to vote against Chong's bill.

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