Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bruce Carson and the tarsands fox - streamlining the henhouse

Yesterday the Edmonton Journal reported :
More than 75 environment officers who watched over oil industry activities left the provincial environment department this fall, to take higher paying jobs with the new industry-funded Alberta Energy Regulator. Another 75-plus are expected to leave in the spring.
In mid-November, the department also began handing over to the regulator thousands of files on oil industry activity pertaining to the Public Lands Act, according to documents obtained by the Journal. 
This shift in staffing and the moving of years of files out of a government department to the new arm’s length regulator are key steps in the government’s plan, announced last spring, to create a more streamlined approval process for oil companies that wanted “one window” to get permits for new projects.
The article notes that the chair of the 100% industry-funded Alberta Energy Regulator, Gerard Protti, is "a founder of the oil industry lobby group, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers." He also spent 15 years as an executive officer of EnCana Corporation. 

Not mentioned in the article, or in Protti's bio at the AER, is that in 2011 Gerard Protti and disgraced Harper advisor/fraudster/fixer Bruce Carson were both vice-chairs of the oil industry lobby group EPIC, Energy Policy Institute of Canada, and produced a paper calling for exactly the "streamlined approval process for oil companies" that the new Alberta Energy Regulator is mandated to deliver.

"Streamline Canada's regulatory processes to end overlap, duplication, and delays which can negatively impact Canada's competitiveness and productivity. This could be accomplished by implementing a one-project, one-process review to end duplication in regulatory regimes within one level of government and between governments ..."
Also not mentioned is that as EPIC's representative, Protti registered as a federal lobbyist from July 2012 to April 2013 to lobby for :
"a philosophical energy strategy that is adopted politically and then motivates regulatory activity in terms of economic development, energy and the environment."
  • Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)
  • Environment Canada (EC)
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
  • National Energy Board (NEB)
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • Prime Minister's Office (PMO)
  • Privy Council Office (PCO)

And voilĂ , in June 2013 the Alberta Energy Regulator is proclaimed with Protti as chair.



West End Bob said...
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West End Bob said...


Yet one more way Canada is emulating the Excited States, and not in a good way, either . . . .

Anonymous said...

Some time back I read.

PM Harper officially endorses the NAU.
Oct 3/2008

The NAU. Big business pushing for a, single regulatory rehime
May 18/2011

Enbridge has chosen alimited partnership-is to limit the exposure for the investors company...not to make good on a, catastrophic spill.

Harper signs a deal with, the Communist China Army.
August 27/2013

Believe Harper's stacked panel on the Enbridge pipeline? Not on your nelly. It will take Harper and his Communist China Army, to force the Enbridge into BC.

Beijing York said...

Damn, you are so good Alison. Thank you for your excellent blogging and top notch analysis, not to mention your great sense of humour.

Best wishes for an amazing and joyful New Year.

Alison said...

BY, Bob, Comma Person, everyone:

Best wishes to all of us

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