Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve in Holten, Netherlands

At 4:30pm on Christmas Eve, hundreds of Dutch schoolchildren set a candle before each of 1,394 burial plots marking the graves of Canadian soldiers who died liberating their town a few days before the end of the Second World War over 60 years ago. 

An unofficial remembrance ceremony marked every year by the people of Holten, Netherlands.

I reckon if Steve were to attend, he would likely spontaneously  burst into flames.


the salamander said...

.. astounding image .. glowing hearts ..

e.a.f. said...

how amazing the sight and how wonderful that people do this for Canadian vets who died 60 yrs ago.

We can't get the Canadian government to do much for any of the current vets.

Anonymous said...

Drag the little guy around to explore cemetery --

Alison said...

Salamander : with glowing hearts - well said!

e.a.f. : Yeah. The trick of kicking injured vets out a few months before they're eligible for pension is particularly ratfucky. Bastards.

Anon : Cool! Thanks for that.

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