Friday, December 20, 2013

DILBIT : National Enbridge Board approves Northern Gateway

"In the unlikely event of a large oil spill ... we found that the adverse effects would not be permanent and widespread."
And just in case you aren't convinced of this by reading it just the once, the National Energy Enbridge Board repeats it three more times in their report.

But "in the unlikely event of a large oil spill ..." :
"Our final condition requires the company to maintain insurance and other financial resources totaling $950 million. The financial assurances would include $100 million in ready cash for immediate costs, $600 million in insurance or similar instruments, and $250 million in financial backstopping such as guarantees by equity partners."

And what did we learn from the 3.3 million litre $1-billion cleanup at the Enbridge dilbit spill in Kalamazoo three years ago?
                                                         It sinks.


deBeauxOs said...

It stinks too, in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...


It sure does, reek, you know that this was going to be the outcome we all did. I wonder why they even bothered to waste all that money on the circus they preformed. Oh I forgot so the sheeple can still believe in the illusion of democracy under the dictatorship of the harper conzi regime.

Wake up sheeple, the Americans and Chinese are preparing for war with one and other. This pipeline is meant to feed the Chinese oil thirst. What in the hell is harper thinking?

Where will that leave us?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alison. Sharing on FacePlant along with this interesting bit of deja vu:
(I posted on FB - 21 September)
I heard this interview with Joe Oliver yesterday. Full of the talking points but also a major Freudian slip and a couple of awkward gulps and 'uh's. Rough transcript with associated interview time marks and my starred and capped emphasis:
Oliver: "We will have world class safety systems"..."expert panel" reporting "some time in November on emergency preparedness, recovery and liability. **It's our intention to move forward on this**."
3:00 min: *******"It's CLEARLY in the NATIONAL INTEREST".*******
6:00 min: Interviewer asks about First Nations interests and quotes Chief Phillip Stewart's suspicions that the ministers' visit to BC was faux consultation. Oliver: "...this is a transformative opportunity for aboriginal communities". Interviewer: Asks how reciprocal that is and "what if, in the end, they (First Nations) don't want a deal?" Oliver: "That's a hypothetical negative which is NOT what we're going to have to confront".
9:30 min: Interviewer asks "If public opinion doesn't come over to your side, will your government go ahead with this Northern Gateway development project?"
Oliver: (again) "I'm not getting into that negative type of scenario. The first thing we have to hear from is the Joint Panel. It will make a determination about what the ***ECONOMIC*** - uh, sorry, the *environmental* impact will be. (Gulp) There are three possibilities: no; yes; (gulp) yes with conditions. And then we'll be in a position to , us, to , uh, move forward one way or the other (gulp).
CBC The 180 interview

fun fact: captcha phrase for this: 'arsboot include'


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