Monday, December 02, 2013

Perrin Emails Found Behind Couch!

 "We are good to go from the PM once Ben [Perrin] has confirmation from [Mr. Duffy’s lawyer]" would seem to be a good place to start.

PMO recovers ex-legal adviser’s e-mails on Duffy affair

Senate scandal: Benjamin Perrin's PMO emails not deleted



Boris said...

Might be interesting that these appeared at a time when the Harpertones are touring overseas.

Alison said...

Boris : The annual Negev Dinner where Steve's band received such enthusiastic fist pumps was held last night in Toronto. It was a fundraiser by the Jewish National Fund of Toronto for the Stephen J. Harper Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor and Education Centre in Israel.

Kind of interesting the PCO found the Perrin emails under the cushions two days before Con MP Michael Chong tables his bill to reimagine the power balance between party leaders and their MPs in favour of the MPs though.
Parties would get the power to trigger a leadership review vote with 15% approval from caucus, and then 50% +1 could turf the leader.

Anonymous said...

I think Boris can be forgiven for assuming Harper must have been overseas and not in TO. Harper-appointed Senator Linda Frum co-hosted the event where they raised over $5 million. For a bird sanctuary. In Israel.

Owen Gray said...

Despite the last night's cheers, the evidence keeps piling up against Mr. Harper.

He may go to Israel as a private citizen.

Boris said...

Yes, I just realised that I had misread the article and the PM was in fact in Canada. It had read like he had suddenly jetted off. My bad.

Either way, yes the timing is interesting in a few ways. Chong's bill, if it ever grows wings...

the salamander said...

.. and it took this long to revive the only person in the PCO that knew the data was 'held' re another litigation Perrin was connected to? Harper Concussion Syndrome?

.. Sorry .. the dissembling & disingenuous actions, the obstructive, incompetent or 'inadvertent' nature of it all is astounding. If Harper Government Values are Canadian values.. does this include PCO and PMO values? Or do they have immunity.. and instead have no Values at all and Ethics of Convenience?

Who is the eraser? The shredder? The wiper of files.. or the supreme saver of files in our government? Forget who the PM or his secretary are.. who is our federal SYSOP? Who is the geek or wonk or troll.. the queen bee datawank that cannot keep track of data, dollars, emails or election promises?

Is it possible that Stephen Harper has server access privileges and could accidently erase or lose The Charter of Rights and Freedoms? The Horror !! Are we living in Canada on the very edge of memory loss? Based on our government's mental state it does seem so..

Its not just that our PM knew nothing .. its that even if he did.. he and his bovine herd truly cannot find anything !

Beijing York said...

And those who know his true missionary alliance heart, chanted in the background:

"Fundamentally he can't take it
You know he really hates it"

And then one final rousing chorus of Rock the Negev!

And of all things, a bird sanctuary? Is he gunning for WWF poster boy status with his foster kittens, adopted pandas and bird sanctuary? They say Hitler had a very soft spot for animals.

West End Bob said...

Had to snicker over your front page "story," Lady Alison. Quite amusing!

Vaguely similar to hillary clinton's Whitewater billing records "miraculously" being found in the White House two years after investigators first sought them.

Funny how these things happen . . . .

Alison said...

Fun fact : When this year's JNF dinner was announced a month ago, Senator Gerstein was an organizer and Deloitte was a major donor.

Boris said...

I think it's fair to say that everyone has lawyered-up by this point!

Anonymous said...

Alison thanks for your sunny humor on this dreary winter snow day!

Methinks the Harper-machine is starting to fall apart and I could not be a happier Canadian. I hope he leaves BEFORE the next election so he can't do anymore damage. Here's a fun song:

It should be #1all across Canada share it with everyone you know!


Anonymous said...

Ha! And here I'd thought they were found on a USB drive in a plastic bag taped to the inside of the PMO's private terlet when cleaning staff investigated a flushing problem...but what do I know? ;)

I was and am somewhat concerned about the clusterfuck on Twitter regarding the Reform Act which will now be released tomorrow, Tuesday, morning. Am I so cynical that I think this is all a set up to take us down hard?

Alison said...

trm : Not convinced it's a set up. Chong seems sincere enough, has been working on this for years, and had to table now or lose his place in the PMB line-up, no?

I had already read your thoughts about it at trm. To be honest I just assumed the bill has absolutely no hope of passing - never mind being implemented before the next election - because it goes too far in the direction of decentralizing power for the Cons and not nearly far enough for actual reform. Also - Libs and dippers quite happy with their caucus set ups already and probably pleased to have the Con caucus wagon welded to Harper's dwindling star.

So the real answer is - I haven't followed the arguments about it because it isn't going to happen. How's that for cynicism?
However if it kick starts a credible conversation, then good for it. If it should at some point in the future lead to discussions about giving less power to parties and caucuses to implement their corporate masters' demands - excellent.

Mogs : Ha! You have no idea how bitterly that was written. Has the wall between the PMO and PCO been completely obliterated? Very bad. His electioneering about "dark times" to the "100% Israel" - their logo - JNF crowd? Ugh.
Loved your sunny song though ;-)

Boris : Yes, the PMO has hired 3 separate law firms on our dime to stop us from finding out what they've been up to.

Bob : "History is a made at night. Character is what you are in the dark." ~ Lord John Whorfin

BY : Never been entirely convinced about the sincerity of Harper's supposed dispensationalism because he seems more likely just opportunistic. But he sure knows how to work it! From his speech to the Negev dinner :

"... how easy it is to drift away from Israel. We understand that the future of our country and of our shared civilization depends on the survival and thriving of that free and democratic homeland for the Jewish people in the Middle East."


kootcoot said...

Maybe (at the risk of being called anti-Semite, which of course would mean I hate all dem ME types) SHitHarper should get out of government work and study the Torah for a few decades.........

As a musician, I am embarrassed by his pretending to be one!

Anonymous said...

How complete was the PCO back-up search?
Have several different backups been used to ensure all the records show up? For instance an email sent in May but deleted in June would only be found in the May backups.

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