Thursday, March 13, 2014

Elections Canada youth vote vids vs ... puffin poop?


Noon Update : Hill Times : "Elections Canada says a video ad the Conservative government cited as the type of advertising campaign it wants to prohibit the elections agency from using under the proposed new election law was never actually aired." 
The ad was uploaded to their own Youtube account in 2008 by FluoHill, the art collective that produced it.
Mayrand cancelled it before it aired in 2007. Back to original post :

This Elections Canada video promoting the youth vote is exactly what the Cons intend their Fair Elections Act to put a stop to, an anonymous gov official told The Hill Times, providing them with a link to the video. 

As you can see, it shows Xs representing ballot votes moving from a rock concert to a recycling symbol and industry emitters and ends in a quiet forest : "Vote. Shape your world."
Interesting that the Cons would cop to admitting that a vid loosely advocating that youth exercise their vote for a cleaner environment in a better world is not in the Cons' own best interests.
" ... the official reiterated the government’s position that political parties and candidates, not Elections Canada, would be responsible for increasing voter turnout under Bill C-23."
Right. So just for comparison, here is an example of the kind of "political parties and candidates" outreach the anon gov official is presumably referring to : the Con Party puffin poop election ad that came out at the same time as the EC vid [that never aired]:


Galvanizing stuff really, except that six year olds don't have the vote. 
A spokesperson for Minister of State for Democratic Reform Pierre Poilievre (Nepean Carleton, Ont.) said the government is addressing the content of Elections Canada voting promotion campaigns.
I'll bet. Can't be offending the industry dudes who wrote the Environmental Assessment Act 2012 for them. 

And I'm way past fed up with this Con tripe about shutting down EC's ads promoting the youth vote - on the grounds they are not successful because the youth vote hasn't increased -in favour of having individual political parties do it instead. Party ads targeting youth have run concurrently with the EC ads so using the Cons' correlation error logic, they've already proven they don't work either.

You know what does keep the youth vote from dropping off the electoral map entirely? Vouching. The next election will presumably fall in October 2015. How many students who just moved to a new campus the previous month are going to have voter ID with a current address for that riding one month after they arrive in it?

Remember that scene in Annie Hall when some pompous pontificating blowhard in a theatre line-up is grandly interpreting Marshall McLuhan and McLuhan shows up and says he's full of shit? If only life was like that, says Woody Allen.
Well that happened to the Cons this week when Harry Neufeld, the expert they've been heavily citing in support of their bid to kill off vouching and voter info cards due to widespread voter fraud, showed up and said they were full of shit. 
Neufeld's argument in favour of actually widening the use of vouching and on the dangers of the Cons' new voter suppression bill here.

Poilievre of course just shrugged it off. He likes his own pompous pontificating blowhard interpretation of Neufeld's report better than he likes Neufeld's.

The Cons don't even care any more that the Fair Elections Act has been revealed to be a ploy to suppress the vote. They're just counting on Team Con showing up to vote and as many other voters as possible becoming too disgusted to bother.


Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the Imperium may have just hit a speed bump that could derail them. This ‘Fair Election Act’ is in for a challenge and this is encouraging news indeed. Hugh posted these links @ and these links are great reading;


Alison said...

Ha ha.
Mogs : See update!

Anonymous said...

This update I presume?

Oh boy what fun to watch pp self implode and we have front row seats more or less. Goody!


Anonymous said...

Mogs, I hope Pierre Poilivre is invited back on Power and Politics to not answer any questions about this!

Anonymous said...

Anon I think I’ve found the perfect description of pp in the best the English language has to offer us, he can be known by his actions by calling him piffling Pierre Poilievre!

Definition of piffle:

1piffle intransitive verb: to talk or act in a trivial, inept, or ineffective way

2piffle noun: words or ideas that are false or silly

Full definition of piffle:

: trivial nonsense

If he dares go back on Power and Politics we can watch the piffling pontificating cabinet minister piffle away to his hearts content ;) Just think Piffling Pierre Poilievre pontificates piffle on Power and Politics!

Pontificate: to speak or write and give your opinion about something as if you knew everything about it and as if only your opinion was correct:


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Floho is PP's Director of Communications, Ms. Gabrielle Renaud-Maty. Dirty tricks.

Alison said...

Anon@9:16 : It really doesn't seem so. If you click the FluoHill link in the post, it takes you to a 2008 blogpost of theirs about making these ads in 2006.

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