Monday, March 17, 2014

Stephen Harper - tilting at windmills

No stats supporting a rise in crime? It's invisible crime! Steve will slay invisible crime for us. Ha!

No stats supporting a rise in anti-Semitism in Canada?  Never mind. Steve set up a special parliamentary committee to slay the invisible rise of anti-Semitism in Canada and give it a whole new definition that might include you.

No stats supporting public outcry against long form census? No problemo. It was an invisible public outcry. Long form census slayed, and bonus! -  cripple StatsCan's budget.

No stats supporting examples of voter fraud? Must be invisible voter fraud then, the kind only Steve and his minions can see. Best cripple Elections Canada investigations just to be on the safe side.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Tilting at windmills and slaying invisible monsters seems to provide excellent cover for attacking whoever Steve as Donkey Otay perceives as opponents.


Anonymous said...

There are those of us who, saw through Harper long ago. In 2002 the Canadian Nazis donated to Harper's Alliance. In 1989 Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation.

Harper is a Fascist Dictator. He is everything we were taught to despise. Six members of my family served during WW2. Our young Canadian boys were shot and blown into fragments so, we wouldn't have such as Harper running this country.

Quite frankly, Harper is not worth our boys dying for. Harper has no honor, decency, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. And, all dictators are control freaks.

Anonymous said...

"In 1991 Harper told Trevor Harrison, who was researching his PhD on the Reform Party (later a book entitled Of Passionate Intensity): "I helped establish something called the Northern Foundation before it (much later) deteriorated into a kind of quasi-fascist organization. I was actually expelled from it. It's got stranger and stranger." Yet there was no doubt about what the organization stood for when Harper was still a member. And by his own account he didn't leave voluntarily.

Prime Minister Harper's communications aide gives a very different account now. In an email response to a version of this story published earlier today, he claimed Harper simply attended one meeting (about British market reforms) and that once he realized it was a pro-apartheid group he had nothing further to do with it.*

The NF's magazine was explicitly pro-apartheid (as well as anti-gay, and anti-French language rights). It provided free advertising to many right-wing groups including the pro-apartheid magazine The Phoenix and the Reform Party which apparently didn't object to being promoted by a gang of racists."

Murray Dobbin, 16 Dec 2013

thwap said...

Brilliant Alison!

Anonymous said...

Enemies in the House of Commons, no problem I will prorogue and prorogue untill I have a majority. I need armed guards everywhere I go even in the parliament building. They are all after me I must build jails to contain them all. -steven h.


Anonymous said...

Luv that toon, so very apropos!


West End Bob said...

What thwap said ! ! ! !

Alison said...

Anon@2:26 I just realized - you're the author of that piece about Harper's Nazi roots that everyone quotes, aren't you? - the one originally posted at Agoracosmopolitan 5 years ago under the name of Dr. Debra Chin. Your unusual placement of commas, shared by Debra Chin, rather gives you away.

What I find exasperating about your approach is that you amp up what Harrison and Murray Dobbin have written/quoted from Harper's past just enough to make your tweaking of it doubted and then rejected by any reasonable person. Which I'm pretty sure is not your intent.

In the past I have deleted some of your more frankly libelous comments left here when you posted as Gloria or ginger snap or whoever. However I would be very happy to hear any proof or evidence or even personal experience you may have on the subject at any time. Your premise isn't unacceptable but it needs better proof, less torque.

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