Friday, August 29, 2014

Harper discovers Northwest Passage

Harper joins Arctic search for lost ships of Franklin expedition 
"One day we're just going to come around the bend and there's going to be the ship and Franklin's skeleton slumped over the helm and we're going to find it."
"I've never been that close to a big chunk of ice. It's huge," he said. "That was great. Really exciting."

Boris from the Beav has uncovered two of Steve the Explorer's earlier compositions on the subject ...
The Arctic
by Stephen Harper
In the Arctic the ice cube is really big.  Franklin died one day in the Arctic. His ship got lost. I will find the skeleton of Franklin.  I like big ships.
The end

Boss of Canada
by Stephen Harper
In the elections I got to be boss of Canada. I have a big house. You are not the boss of me. The ice cubes are really big. I got a big plane.
The end. 



Anonymous said...

Arctic Sovereignty
by Stephen Harper

In 2020 I will have new icebreakers.
Also F-35s.
Crunch, crunch. Vroom, vroom.

I am the boss of the North Pole which belongs to Denmark.

The end.

West End Bob said...

Great pic and great Steve the Explorer compositions uncovered by Boris ! ! ! !

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