Thursday, October 30, 2014

Harper's Perps with Perks #12

Please welcome former citizenship judge Philip Gaynor to Harper's Perps with Perks for stealing and selling copies of citizenship tests to two immigration consultants for cash. The papers were then given to the consultants' citizenship applicants.
In sentencing Gaynor to three years, the Ontario judge was not convinced by the explanation that Gaynor didn’t want to see “good people” be denied citizenship because they failed the multiple-choice test.

A volunteer on the election campaign of late FinMin Jim Flaherty, Gaynor was first appointed by Monte Solberg and reappointed to a second three year term in 2009 by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.  

The Star : "The position of citizenship judge is a political, quasi-judicial appointment that doesn’t necessarily require legal experience. The judge administers citizenship exams, adjudicates if an applicant meets all the citizenship requirements, and swears in the country’s new citizens at ceremonies. They make between $91,800 and $107,900 a year."

They can be appointed for any number of reasons,” explained a past-president of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

When Mr Gaynor was arrested last year, Jason Kenney issued a statement that "Canadian citizenship is not for sale".

No, but up til this summer you could rent it  -  if you invested $800K with the government.
The investor class immigrants have been laughing all the way to the bank. According to the feds’ own research, over a 20-year period an investor class immigrant will pay $200,000 less in taxes than a skilled worker immigrant and $100,000 less in taxes than a live-in nanny. The immigrant billionaire living on the west side pays less in Canadian taxes than his immigrant babysitter.
Or you could just fake the citizenship ceremony to help out Sun TV. after you noticed CBC was doing a real one.

h/t Bat signal from Canadian Cynic

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Anonymous said...

Holly Stick:

Meanwhile another perp gets his verdict:

Alison said...

Holly : See update from Wilfred Laurier

Anonymous said...

Holly Stick (chortles):

Boris said...
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Cocoabean said...

You simply hate Harper. Your blog - and a dozen others - bash him every week.

Don't worry - we all detest Harper and his party but anyone naïve enough to see the NDP or the Liberals as in any way "better" is the real problem in themselves.

Please start criticizing the system - the 'democratic' voting, the invasive courts, the useless legislatures, the power and size of government, the unlimited funding, the social spending, the militarism, the money-printing etc. - itself...and anyone who refuses to CHANGE it.

scotty on denman said...

Hey Cocabeen: I'm trying to figure what planet you from. Surely you cannot mean Allison, or most of the commenters here, have been shirking the "criticizing the system" part...perhaps especially the voting system.

But, anyway, I'm curious: what're "invasive courts"? Surely you've heard that courts have been instrumental in keeping the police from invading and shutting down places like Insite and countless of legal grows Harper hates so much...

And, "useless legislatures..."? I mean, you may hate the laws they pass (maybe even the voters who elected the members), but surely you can't deny legislatures debate bills, pass some of them into law and amend or repeal others---which is pretty much what they're supposed to do. I'd agree with you had you criticized the Commons for invading, by way of its current majority party, places like courts and the Senate. That's just me, though.

Please explain who else you'd give "power" to, if not government (please don't say "the people"---too trite for obvious reasons). And size? Let's see...308 federal MPs, say, a couple secretaries and deputies each (being generous), and I get a vanishingly small percentage of the national population. Sure, maybe we'd get on fine with only half their number, but I'm sure you'll understand that many people might protest their lack of representation---regional population disparities and all.

Unlimited funding? Can't be talking about the medical system---that's underfunded, it's plain.

"The social spending"---"The" social spending sounds like you don't like any of it. I guess you're one of those DYI gals who build their own roads across their frontage, do their own policing and stuff. Very impressive (that's my lame attempt at some kind of good humour.)

I don't suppose you figure not everyone would necessarily change any, or all of your listed hate-ons. You do agree it's a free country...right?...

Thing I dig about Allison's site here is, yes, she does criticize Harper, at least once a week, I guess, but unlike dozens (or thousands) of others that do the same, she actually makes a pretty good case each time. Y'know, research and all. This Perp Walk is superb and getting superber!

I hope your planet gets "better" soon. Or am I being naive?

Unknown said...


I'm hoping this planet will lose the fools soon...

Allison is not the only one who faults a one man government read my dear friend. I agree with Allison, Michael Harris and Crawford Kilian...

My position is I am going to take the con bastards to federal court for violating The Canadian Constitution The Canadian Bill of Rights and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, join me and many many more Canadians in locking up these hooligans permanently.


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