Thursday, June 03, 2010

Dimitri Soudas - Still on the milk carton

The search is on for Youtube impressario and PMO Director of Disinformation Dimitri Soudas.
A House of Commons bailiff seeking to serve Soudas and another staffer with a summons to appear before the Ethics Committee was twice refused entry to the government offices where Soudas works by the security desk.
Soudas has been summoned to answer the Ethics Committee's questions on
"allegations of systematic political interference by ministers' offices to block, delay, or obstruct the release of information to the public regarding the operation of government departments".
The Search for Soudas continues via Google, where the number one search result reads :


Anonymous said...

Last seen wearing a false mustache and baird



thwap said...

He does so look like a lost, little boy.

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