Monday, June 07, 2010

The four day water feature

TorStar provides an "artists depiction" of the $2-million indoor fake lake, aka Lake ShamWow , being built to amuse the 3,000 expected G8 reporters unable to attend the real deal in Muskoka.
If I had two million dollars (If I had two million dollars)
Well I'd buy me a Muskoka lake (But not a real Muskoka lake - that's cruel.)
And if I had two million dollars (If I had two million dollars)
I'd build a replica of the Stock Exchange (Ooh it's all just pocket change)
And if I had two million dollars ...
Wait. Go back. They're building a replica of the Toronto Stock Exchange as well?
Plus those 3 to 4,000 reporters? According to Greg Weston, as part of their swag they're getting free “special summit edition” BlackBerrys. All of them?
Industry Minister Tony ShamWow says we're doing all this because we're proud of our country and want to show it off.
And if I had a billion dollars, I'd buy your Gov ...


Anonymous said...

Is that by any chance a lifesize artist's depiction?

skdadl said...

The canoes are going to be up on racks? Lordy -- that is everyone's nightmare-memory of 1950s rec rooms.

So it is going to be shallow. Holly Stick is right: call it "The Conservative Talent Pool."

Oemissions said...

activists should bring in some real bugs
from Muskoka

opit said...

"We're proud of our country and want to show it off." How did we miss picking up on this, then ?
Canadian faces two years prison for lawful attempt to arrest U.S. war criminal G.W. Bush

Anonymous said...

Just so we're clear: "No" to climate change discussions, "No" to including reproductive healthcare to support women and children and "No" to keeping our promises to fund relief for Africa. After paying a billion to ensure no one gets to say "No" to the G8, a coupla million on a fake lake and gawd knows how much to bribe reporters to write nice...How about we clog their special edition blackberries with text msgs and long distance calls all through the summit?

peace, babies!

opit said...

The climate change discussions make me want to retch. Between AWG proponents who say anything but their carefully crafted scam to sell a global tax on fire is unacceptable 'denial' and the teabaggers compromised by wanting free rein to pollute everything and use water until its gone; killed all scientific commentary by stagecrafting everything until real possibilities were down to 2. As if. And they still can't predict the weather.
I really don't want more corporate sellouts. Just look at the Appalachians and Mountaintop Mining.

Aid to Africa seems to consist in many cases of acquiescing to U.S. perversions which call headbanging 'no premarital sex' counseling. No it doesn't work !
No one gets a chance to say 'No' to the G-8. Hell, no. Our branch office of corporate ripoff international didn't even give Canadians the chance to toss NAFTA after reducing the Tories to 2 federally back in '93 when Kim Campbell ran on it! It took Chretien to make the PC look honest after 'God Save the Tories' decertified the party over tariffs and GST.

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