Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bobblehead Steve

Bobblehead Steve.
The doll with the spring-loaded head.
Canada's Go To Guy Hits the Streets through direct mail in the US
"You may have heard about Steve.
The little guy from Canada is getting around and he's driving a whole new CTC campaign in the US geared to meeting, convention and incentive travel markets.
Bobbleheads might not be as popular in Canada, but we have them for everything here in the US."
Yes we hear you have one running for vice president.

I'm somewhat surprised at the return to the nickname "Steve", although he did campaign as a Reform candidate in 1988 as Steve Harper.

Canada Tourism :
"Steve in a wetsuit; in Calgary, in a business suit wearing a Stetson, riding a mechanical bull"
Greg Weston : Bobblehead Steve pricey nod to U.S. :
"PM gets new look in expensive tourism marketing campaign.
...comes complete with a glossy 25-page booklet, and a custom-designed website that couldn't have cost more than a federal election. In a government where central messaging control is religion, it is all purely coincidental that the feds' latest marketing mascot is a white guy with a helmet-head hairdo. "

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