Thursday, October 02, 2008

Election 2008 - the English debate

Right now Susan Orniston has a big pie chart up onscreen at CBC : "Twittering about the Leaders"
Gosh, I wish I'd said that.

Shorter debate
Jack to Steve : Where's your platform? Under your sweater?
Steve : We don't need no stinkin' platform - we're the government.
Stephane : Hi. I was the third choice for party leader at the last Liberal Leadership Convention.
Gilles : Jeez, but you guys all talk a load of crap!
Lizzie : [Answering the question - and I'm paraphrasing here - What would be your first order of business upon forming the government?] Reform the electoral system.

Thank you, Lizzie May - the only one to bring it up.

She was a very good addition to the debate - many times piping in a fast fact-checking refute on Steve while he was talking, too quick and stoccato to be called on interrupting, although she did a lot of that too. Steve was furious but in terms of vote-splitting, it will ultimately help him to have had her there.

After-polls all showing for Steve - bigtime.

Most devastating line of the night :
Jack to Stephane : "You supported Mr Harper 43 times. His policies, your responsibilty. If you can't do your job as leader of the opposition, I don't know what you're doing running for prime minister."

Gilles Duceppe for Prime Minister!

We are so fucked.

Ipsos Post Debate Summary : Sample size -2512

Who is winning this debate?

Did you change your mind about who to vote for on October 14th because of tonight's debate?

YES - 15% ....... NO - 85%

Update : Hah!


Lindsay Stewart said...

"We are so fucked."

that would be my guess, cheers alison.

Paul said...

I'm so irritated. Someone with more motivation and ability than myself needs to form a new right-wing party asap. This seems to be the only way to stymie Teflon Steve.

Alison said...

Hi, PSA, adore your rants.

Paul, I've argued for that ;-)
Go, Byfields, go!

In the meantime : BLEVKOG!

Alison said...

I mean - BLEVKOG!

Beijing York said...

Oh alison, I feel your pain. What the hell is wrong with these people (sauf Duceppe)? It's like the Libs and NDP have CPC party moles in their midst that are trying to purposely move the country into conservative territory, making it the new normal as Harper has already claimed.

Everywhere I go, most people hate Harper and his party. Every time I listen to a radio call in show, same thing. Every person on the street quote published by the media defies the so-called Harper popularity. The fact that he should win even a minority is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

im all for rep by pop!

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