Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Stephen Harper's Big Thing"

John Ibbitson at the G&M has a "New Big Idea", which he also proposes to call "Stephen Harper's Big Thing" :
"a revolutionary new agreement that would transform both Canada and the U.S., truly launching the continent into the 21st century."

Good for you for finally coming out, John.
After years of pissing about, defending the very jelly bean-ness of the Security and Prosperity Partnership - It's not about deep integration; it's just about efficiency! It's not scary! Oh noes, it's dead now because of those whiny nationalists - you finally get down to it :
"This is the perfect time to do something big. This is the time for a North American environmental, security and economic accord."

And what a great name you have chosen for it - The Big Idea.
The "Big Idea" was also the name coined by the C.D. Howe Institute in 2002 for their Shaping the Future of the North American Economic Space: A Framework for Action, but I'm sure they'll be happy to hear you want to revive it. As I recall, that report suggested that Canada could woo the US into deeper integration with us by joining the war on terra and offering them free access to our water and oil.

Oh, that is what you mean :
"Canada should propose a harmonized, universal, continental market, coupled with massive joint investment aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the oil sands, in exchange for guarantees that the U.S. gets all the oil."

All the oil?
"Let's not stop there. Let's propose a joint security agreement to prescreen goods and people coming into the continent. Let's set a joint tariff. Let's remove national protections on cultural and financial services."
Because I ask you what could be better for Canada right now than hitching our wagon to US security agreements and US finances? But let's not stop there, John. How about US medicare too?

Congratulations, John. As the only journalist invited to the SPP leaders' meet-ups, you have finally proven your worth to them. And a big idea shout-out to the G&M too, for having the guts to go public with this. We always knew you had it in you.


West End Bob said...

As I was reading the full piece the thought was nagging: He's joking, right? When do we get to the punch line?


He's serious.

How many more like him are out there ? ? ? ?

Mike said...

Here's another columnist who I thought must have been joking this weekend: Salim Mansur.
But nope - apparently he's serious too.

Alison said...

Gosh, Stimpson, the TorSun appears to have the scoop here on the imminent return of Marxism into the public sphere.
So what was your favourite line among the pinching shoes and the fallen autumn leaves?
Personally I'm going with Barack Hussein Obama's acknowledgement of "the validity of Karl Marx's destructive ideology", although I must admit the reference to Thucydides was a nice touch.
I give it a C+.

Alison said...

Bob : See above. Lots.

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