Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you seen the sniggering that changed the election?

On a final tour through Québec to shore up ReformaTory support, "Harper accused opponents of unfairly demonizing him in Québec", insisting "that Quebeckers will see through attacks on his character."
"I'm confident the attempt to demonize me really belittles the intelligence of Quebeckers," he said. "I think Quebeckers are more tolerant than that."

Hey Steve, speaking of belittling intelligence, have you seen the latest election flyer from your Con MP Wajid Khan? Voilà :

Think they've seen it in Québec yet?
Because as I recall, there's nothing Québeckers like more than a really good laugh at the expense of a Francophone struggling with English.

Good call though, Waji - the Cons losing a boatload of support in Québec will indeed "change the election".

h/t Kady O'Malley for the flyer

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