Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Arab Spring activists applaud Brigette DePape from Cairo

Canadian journalists blew off Senate page Brigette DePape's silent 20-second Stop Harper protest during the Throne Speech as a "stunt" undeserving of even its requisite 15 minutes of fame. Five days later  those ... same ... journos ...  are ... still ... writing ... about her in the national press.

Having pretty well exhausted the 'disrespectful to Parliament' angle on the first couple of days, some of them have now moved on to characterizing her call for "a Canadian version of the Arab Spring, an Arab Spring for Canada" as 'disrespectful to the Arab Spring'.
Apparently she shouldn't have mentioned the Arab Spring without first setting herself on fire or something. Way to reach, guys.

So above, just for them, are some Arab Spring activists in Egypt applauding Brigette DePape from Cairo.
"If you are inspired by our Arab revolutions, do as we did. You need one; I know you need one. It's not just an Arab Spring; it's a World Spring."
Update : SunMedia still whining about Brigette on Day 8 of her 15 minutes of fame.
Natty Post on Day 9 : "Her 15 minutes are up."

Brigette Speaks at Anti Harper Rally in Ottawa


sassy said...

Good to see that Harper's reputation is now international. :)

Pearson - Nobel Peace Prize.
Harper - Stop Him

West End Bob said...

"Game, Set, Match" Dear (Almost a) Lady Alison.

And to all the journos and others attempting to trivialize Brigette's actions, a definitive "piss off" is in order . . . .

Kim said...


Boris said...

Oh, I'm gonna smile at that one for a while.

ron wilton said...

Do you have any idea where I can get my hands on a bunch of bumper sticker style stickers with the name 'HARPER' on them so I can stick them across every stop sign I can find on every highway in Canada.

Anonymous said...


Make your own bumper stickers at home:

thwap said...

It is indeed a "world spring" that is needed.

Youth unemployment in the G8 countries is a disgrace and worldwide it's a disaster.

At the same time that we're fucking them over for with debts and unemployment, we're destroying the planet.

Anyone, ANYONE, who condemns DePape's action has no idea what they're talking about. And ANY harper supporters who want to condemn her action should take a sledgehammer to their skulls and do the world a favour.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the G20 - 8 @ 300 millions and 6.5 billions jets up coming Stop harper before we go broke. Brigette was right and the lacquais medias are wrong but they dont bite the hands that feeds them!

Anonymous said...

Harper is the absolute worst thing, that could have happened to Canada.

Harper gives billions of our tax dollars to, banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's. I saw that happen, on the House of Commons TV channel. He also gives them huge tax reduction. He just gave them, ANOTHER tax reduction, to come off Canadians paychecks. Why is Harper giving our country away, to the wealthiest corporations in the world? He is thieving from the citizens, to give to big greedy businesses.

Wikileaks has said, the N.A.U. is on the way. This has been Harper evil agenda all along. Harper wants to be a big shot in the N.A.U. That's exactly how arrogant he is. He is a snake in the grass. The American people despise Harper. They intend to fight the N.A.U. every inch of the way. They also said, Harper's election win was rigged. That i do believe.

The American politicians say, Harper is a petty gasbag. He is far too stubborn to co-operate with anyone. Harper is disliked, by every nation he has met with. He has most certainly embarrassed Canada, more than once. He has reneged on his campaign promises, which is no surprise. Because, he really is a gasbag.

Oemissions said...

I am so very appreciative and grateful for the brave and brilliant action of Brigette dePape
It was in my opinion a best action ever
so simple yet so profound

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