Monday, January 30, 2017

Kellie Leitch and friends, unplugged, on the Quebec Mosque Shooting

Ms Leitch on Facebook, 10 hours ago : 

"Last night people in Quebec City were murdered as they prayed. This outrageous act of violence is an attack not just on those gathered in a house of worship but on the very fabric of Canadian society, on the values of freedom and tolerance. There is no excuse and no justification for this terrorist attack. I condemn the act, the people who carried it out, and any who might try to justify, rationalize, or support it unreservedly and in the harshest possible terms."

And the responses to that post from her Friends : 

Shane St-Croix Justin Trudeau is responsible for this attack as Canadians are starting to reap the fruit of his determination to turn Canada into an Islamic state. The chickens of 'un-vetted' Canadian diversity have come home to roost. There is blood on the hands of everyone that voted for Trudeau.

Dan Bjorklund It was those peaceful motherfuckers that turdeau and the rest of you idiots want to bring wasnt some local white guys.

Trevor Sydorenko Considering they have 2 people in custody.. and they arent releasing names.. im going to go with "Coulters Law" on this one.

Kevin Hackett This was likely an 'inside job' to inflame the anti Muslim narrative being forced upon us by Trudeau & State media CBC. Sadly, we will likely never know the truth due to the hyper Political Correctness environment we're surrounded by ! Do not allow them to soften your Principled positions Kellie Leitch !

Lyn Wood Trudeau is relocating the Muslim wars here. Why do we need to be tolerant of that? Our politicians are making our Canada dangerous with their 'tolerance'. Close our borders. Bring in Christians. What is wrong with Christians from Iceland, Poland, Australia......? No common sense left anywhere.

Tim Johnson I wonder how trudeau is gonna spin this if these attackers were muslims themselves ?

Duane Mousseau Some are assuming that this was committed by Christians. Strange how when other acts of terror took place we had to wait and see and were very careful not to imply that it was done by Muslims. Even after the officials were tootsie footing around actually saying it was an act of terror. I believe there is some evidence here that the perpetrators were Muslims and they recently immigrated here from Morocco. Muslims kill Muslims and would love to leave evidence that a Christian did it of course.

Thomas Clayton Maybe they were Jews who converted to Islam and then back again & therefore they were all supposed to be killed as per the 84th Hadith - dealing with Apostates. Sure hope Justin Trudeau never converts back to Catholicism because his punishment would be death.

Cecil Crocker And it is going to get worst if Trudeau don't stop this bringing is Muslim ...he is doing this for to get more votes ..Trudeau don't care about Canadians ....We are not allow to say our Lord Paryer in school .PUT THE MUSLIM GOT THERE OWN ROOM FOR PRAYERS ...SO HOW COME WE CAN'T SAY OUR LORD PEYERS IN SCHOOL ....TRUDEAU HAVE TO GO ...CANADA IS GONE SO HE HAVE TO GO .

John Wood Muslims killing Muslims then others, we must elect Leitch for conservative party leader and prime minister to stop these horrendous Muslim nonsense actions.

Tyler Dockendorff Why don't you acknowledge that they were muslim? Suspicious.

Marty Smith Why aren't they releasing names. I will bet there not Tim Smith, Jacques lacriox.

Penny Labrecque One of the shooters is apparently named mahammed Khadir???

David Pacho Just send them all back where they came from, funny how all problems start when these animals are involved.

Kym Mychelle KellieLeitch this is a false flag and thank "GOD" we still have common sense to know what truth is

William Wolfgang-Steven Litz It was Muslim refugees that killed these people.
CBC is blaming trump and white racism...don't believe the fake news.

LaPresse : Published January 30, 2017 at 15:52    Auto-translate

Mohamed Belkhadir, the engineering student arrested by mistake in the wake of the terrorist attack at the mosque in Sainte-Foy, was helping the victims when he was wrongly mistaken for a suspect.
Freshly returned home, the young man of 29 years was interviewed in La Presse to indicate it does not want all the police of Quebec, who was "very nice" with him.
"I went in to try to give first aid to my friend on the ground, and I saw someone with a weapon. I did not know that he was a policeman, I thought he was coming back to shoot. So I fled outside, on the parking side, "he said.
"I understand, I respect that they caught me. They saw me flee, they thought I was suspicious, that's normal. For them, someone who flees is a suspect, "he insists.
The student of Moroccan origin had attended the prayer on Sunday evening, then went out to clear the stairs of the mosque.Soon after, he heard several shots, for 15 to 20 seconds, he said.
He entered, called 9-1-1, gave the address to the emergency services, and then used his coat to warm a wounded man on the ground. It was then that he panicked when a policeman came in

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