Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RoboConstructions: Del Mastro and the GeoVote

Update June 13 : The above vid has been taken down from Youtube so here's CTV's Youtube version of it :

Back to original January post .... Dean Del Mastro and his $21,000 personal cheque to Frank Hall at Holinshed Research Group for voter ID/GOTV services are back in the news tonight as McMaher reports the RCMP are investigating Steve's hapless parliamentary secretary/RoboCon pointman for his various 2008 election campaign financing irregularities and their apparent ham-fisted cover-up.

The  details   were   extensively   covered   back   in   June, including Holinshed's lapsed Feb 2 2010 lawsuit against Del Mastro for non-payment of use of their CIMS-like interactive voter-tracking system called GeoVote, and the six figure Canada Economic Action Plan cheque Holinshed received to develop GeoVote in 2009/10 ... before Holinshed dropped off the map themselves in 2011.

I haven't seen the vid up top of Frank Hall explaining the GeoVote system in 2008 posted anywhere else before so here ya go. In this demonstration, Mr Hall pinpoints locations of how people voted in the Don Valley West riding :
"What we've done is put a face on it and a geographic location on it and a contact that becomes personal or personable all of a sudden because you can take that data and use it - it puts a name and a face and a geographic location on something and that's powerful."


Anonymous said...

So the Conservatives gave a robocall company $125,000 of taxpayer money to develop a voter tracking system to help them get elected, after which the robocall company went to ground.

West End Bob said...

Good stuff, Alison - Thanx . . . .

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of us firmly believe, Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call scam. Now, Harper is trying to lie and cheat his way out, of his robo-call election fraud.

Harper installed, his own Conservative judges. Corbett of Elections Canada, "suddenly" resigned. Harper installed one of his boys, Yves Corte in Corbetts place.

Harper is a traitor, giving Canada to Communist China. Why is Harper not in prison? Harper is a litany of, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and he cheats to win.

When will it be our turn? We too may have to block railroads and highways, to get rid of Harper.

Beijing York said...

Nice to see you back, Alison.

Back in the day, I worked for a direct marketing firm whose clients included the federal Liberal Party. Back then, direct mail funding packages were organized and tracked by postal code. In the business, you could buy lists of names and addresses by these codes as well as by other demographic characteristics.

What is different with the CPC is that they track everyone, not just supporters or potential supporters. They are tracking non-supporters for the sole purpose of f8cking up their votes.

Alison said...

Hi BY. I'm not so much away or back as just not as interested in blogging the various heinous shenanigans of a government I no longer consider to have been legitimately elected. Hence the focus on robocon research - of which there is little.

I do wish Google hadn't blocked this vid on CIMS. They logged onto it here a few times from their Mountain View Calif. HQ and then they finally pulled it. Too bad. It was a great walkthrough of how CIMS actually worked, including micro-targeting of non-supporters. I should have done a friggin transcript.

Anon2 : The 24% of voting Canadians who got him his majority in the last election probably still admire those same characteristics in him.
Depressing, isn't it?

Bob : Hiya, sweetie.

Anon1 : Well, yeah. But had Mr Hall not turned his cheques and correspondence with DDM over to EC on his own initiative, we wouldn't know anything about it, would we?

West End Bob said...

a government I no longer consider to have been legitimately elected

Nor I, thanks to your most-appreciated digging, Lady Alison . . . .

Holly Stick said...

Alison, I don't see the Boag video, but here is a recent article about how Americans put data together to identify who might vote for them if targetted:

Holly Stick said...

Oh yes, Tonda McCharles blogged about that video a bit:
"...While it makes clear all parties are doing this kind of voter profiling, Boag focused on how far ahead, even back then, the Conservatives were on the technology and national/local input into the Constituency Information Management System or CIMS - a database that has been fattened with information about Canadians' voting habits by the effective direct marketing techniques employed by RMG or Responsive Marketing Group Inc..."

kootcoot said...

"a government I no longer consider to have been legitimately elected"

Add me to this cohort. I must be suffering from what ever is affecting you Alison, as I too find it difficult to bother blogging, though the crap is certainly out there to display, indeed, I feel buried in it!

Alison said...

Well, Koots, I did say that I can't be bothered blogging anything but robocon anymore but then media coverage of Christie's Alberta funding nonsense hacked me off so I had to blog that. Sometimes I've found just leaving comments elsewhere will kickstart a blogpost for me.
Hope this helps, as they say. ;-x

Holly's link :
Keith Boag: Micro-targeting the U.S. voter
Thanks, Holly.
I see Tonda's youtube link to the old CIMS vid doesn't work either. ;(

Anonymous said...

Link to the GeoVote video no longer working.

Alison said...

Anon : Yes I know. It was a video of Frank Hall in his office doing an interview with a reporter on how the GeoVote works. It was posted on the Holinshed Youtube account as a promo - which is where I found it - but they have since taken down their entire Youtube account so no vid.
I'll see if I can find another version.

Alison said...

CTV version now up.

Unknown said... is my attempt on disclosing the Clement Connection to RoboCall and the Muskoka G8 Scam of $50 Million

Alison said...

InterHaydn's link to notes and vids he's shot for MSM media to be used in the doc he's making on Muskoka G8 2010.

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