Sunday, June 02, 2013

Election fraud falling through the crack(s)

Stephen Lautens : "Robocall" Judgement - A Victory For the Conservative Party?

Susan Delacourt : Where is Conservative outrage over 'robocalls' scandal?

POGGE : Campaign Capers: Judge Mosley rules and the results stand

Saskboy : ConCalls : Conclusions You Can Confirm Using CIMS Computer

Trapped in a Whirlpool : It's the fraud, stupid

Dammit Janet : One of These Things is NOT Like the Others


Beijing York said...

The Duffy-Wright scandal seems to be sticking based on conversations I've had with non-politically involved people (although Ford and the video have also peaked interest nationally as well).

If Wright (ex of the PMO) could be connected to managing a national GOTV strategy for the last election, maybe then the electoral fraud case will open up for more robust investigation.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it

Anonymous said...

Britain's Westminster Parliament, is the way Canada's Parliament is fashioned. However, Britain is a Democracy. Politicians are not permitted to lie, deceive nor steal from the people. In England, any politician caught in thefts and corruption? Actually do go to prison. Even two Lords from, The House of Lords were caught in corruption.

Canada is a, Cesspool of corruption. What works in a Democracy, does not work in a Dictatorship. Harper as a Dictator, controls absolutely everything.I don't know anyone that, doesn't believe Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call fraud. Harper used every dirty tactic in his book, to quash that investigation. Mayrand said. Harper refused to co-operate in that investigation, what-so-ever.

Harper is an old Reformer Dictator, from way back. Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front were, Harper's very good friends. Harper had even tried to have Alberta, separate from Canada

If Harper and his so called Cons, were politicians in England? They would have been thrown in the brig, a very long time ago.

Holly Stick said...

I think it'll still be there in the background and pop up every so often, after Ford has been booted and Duffy and Wallin hung out to dry. I'm sure McMaher will keep their eyes open; and we with the long memories can keep reminding people.

The Sona trial is to be in 2014 but we'll have to see what comes up in the meanwhile. And those provincial robocall fines help keep the pot stirring; maybe there will be more provincial robocalls in the news. Were there any in BC during this last election?

Michel said...

If my political party's database had been used to orchestrated systemic fraud across the country, I'd want the party to be out in front and guarantee that they would root out the elements that were responsible and put safeguards so it doesn't happen again.

Considering the complete lack of concern from the Conservatives, I infer that all is at it should have been.

Anonymous said...

Canada is not a democracy in the strictest sense of the word, but rather can be aptly described as a Constitutional Monarchy. Canada has fallen further into a centralization of power, so much so, that now it is described by some as a Prime Ministerial Dictatorship. A legitimate democracy is one that is representative of the people. One where the people’s will is represented in government, not where the government’s will is enforced on the people. A democratic system should spell out the absolute rights of its citizens in a clear and understandable manner rather than the absolute rights of a sovereign to rule, whether symbolically or otherwise. Furthermore, these rights should not be allowed to be cast away by use of a notwithstanding clause. Indeed, limiting a person’s liberty should be very difficult for a government to change. Can it be claimed that the Canadian system is truly a democracy when the system allows one person, who is not even nationally elected, to wield supreme executive power with little restraint? This is what journos should be telling Canadians, otherwise nothing will change (much).

Alison said...

"A speaker at a boot camp for right-wing candidates running in municipal elections suggested Ontario Progressive Conservatives would gladly look the other way should local campaign organizers manage to get their hands on secret voter lists. “You know, ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,’” Brian Patterson told those in attendance at a candidate school co-chaired by Progressive Conservative MPP Steve Clark and Conservative MP Patrick Brown “You never heard me say this—and I’ll deny it in a room full of lawyers—that if you can somehow get it, you know, we don’t care.”
Audio from the invitation-only event in Toronto was leaked to the Globe and Mail"

~ August 10, 2010

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