Thursday, December 05, 2013

Rob Ford, heroin, blackmail, extortion, etc...

Is Rob Ford's new defence going to be that he can't remember doing heroin because he was in one of his crack stupors?

Because that might explain why allegedly
1) after Dixon Blood gang members tried to blackmail him with the crack video and he tried to buy it back for $5-grand and a car
(wiretap March 27),
2) after he had his *driver* Lisi buy back the phone they stole from him for 1.5kg in weed
(wiretap April 20), 

Rob Ford decided to party with the same gang members who tried to blackmail him - possibly resulting in even more incriminating vid and photos with which to blackmail him. 

We don't know what further Ford antics they may have recorded - yet - because the police search warrant is silent for the month from when Ford got his phone back to when stories about the crack vid were published in Gawker and the Toronto Star.

Notable that the info on the wiretaps the police have seen fit to make public so far doesn't reveal any actual recordings of Ford himself in these transactions, and by June 13 everyone else on the wiretaps had been arrested for guns and drugs. 

Sunday update : People holding guns to the head of a passed out Rob Ford?
Note Coyne's response.


RossK said...


Think you might find this piece by Edward Keenan helpful/useful.


Anonymous said...

That *is* an interesting gap in the search warrant info. Either they are protecting Ford and it is evidence of the white privilege endemic to Toronto police investigations or they are setting another wiretap trap as they did with the first batch of warrant info.
Blair catching a lot of flack for not having busted Ford yet. I think it would be useless to bust him for a bit of weed.

Alison said...

That *is* an interesting gap in the search warrant info
Anon : Yes I thought so and haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere.
And while no one can credibly argue Toronto carding and drug busts don't follow a two-tier justice system, it is also possible both or neither or a combination of your either/or are in play.
Two takes :

Daniel Geist : Answers on why Rob Ford has not been Charged

Broadbent Institute : Rob Ford and the truth about privilege

Thanks, RossK. Yuh, scandal fatigue and didn't-we-already-know-this syndrone. Same as with Harper.

e.a.f. said...

It is a long way from allegations to conviction. we saw this in B.C. with the B.C. Rail trial. In the end the defendants made a deal and nothing ever came of anything.

It is doubtful Rob Ford will ever get to trial. If the cops didn't arrest him for DUI while they were following him, they aren't going to arrest him for anything else either.

thwap said...

Rosie DiManno is saying that the wiretaps that link Anthony Smith's shooting death to non-Ford business have so far not been revealed.

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