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If the Public Prosecution Service of Canada is so concerned that Michael Sona's nine month sentence for election fraud is "demonstrably unfit and fails to reflect the gravity of the offence” - so concerned in fact that they are appealing to have his sentence increased - why don't they direct that same concern towards investigating the Pierre Poutine perps behind him? 
Especially given both the judge and prosecutor in the case stated that Sona didn't act alone.

So reasons the Council of Canadians in their new formal complaint to the PPSC.

“PPSC is not an investigative agency,” responded PPSC spokesey Dan Brien. “It’s not in our mandate to initiate, conduct or direct investigations.”

Meh, said a spokesey for Elections Canada Commissioner Yves Côté, who now falls under the purview of the PPSC thanks to the Fair Elections Act, noting that the case is now closed as far as they are concerned unless someone submits a formal complaint or new information comes to light. 
“We conducted an investigation. All of the evidence that we found was presented to the Crown,” Michelle Laliberte told Global News.
"Asked if the office has received more information, Laliberte said, “Not at this point.”
Andrew Prescott's immunity-protected testimony that he logged out of his own RackNine account on election day only to log back in again a few minutes later onto the Pierre Jones/Poutine account on the instructions of Guelph election campaign chair Ken Morgan who decamped to Kuwait after refusing to be interviewed by Elections Canada - that isn't "new" or "more" information? Isn't a new lead? Isn't worthy of further investigation, if not a few subpoenas?

You know, it's really too bad Canada lacks a national police force who could look into this kind of crime on our behalf when they aren't busy dragging a 61 year old woman off her walker and throwing her to the ground and handcuffing her for being unclear what was being asked of her, or protecting foreign oil corporations from local protesters or First Nations, or protecting themselves from the possibility of staples, or shooting a vet with PTSD twice in the back and killing him on his own property because they didn't have a warrant to follow him into his house or .... where the hell was I? Oh yeah ...

In the absence of any interest from the horsemen, and for an idea of how much help Council of Canadians can expect from the Elections Canada Commissioner this time round in their bid to have the Poutine case in Guelph re-opened, lets have a look at the commissioner's response to their request for help in their March 2012 election fraud court case, launched on behalf of six plaintiffs from six ridings :
In early August. Commissioner Yves Cote refused to give a federal court more details on its ongoing investigation into the robocalls scandal.
To avoid sharing the information, Cote filed for a special exemption, saying releasing it would “encroach upon the public interest,” and that “public disclosure of information from a partially completed investigation carries the serious risk of compromising the investigation by, among other things, influencing the testimony of witnesses, impairing the ability to verify information already obtained and affecting the willingness of witnesses to speak.”
And then, as far as anyone knows, some time after that they just stopped.

Jan 1 2015 Update : Elections Canada confirms total lack of interest in pursuing election fraud.


the salamander said...

.. Gaming .. Grooming .. Manipulation .. Obstruction .. Secrecy. .. and a startling willingness to just outright lie, deny & deliver crafted talking points.

The most important aspect of the Harper methodology that Canadians need to recognize.. is that they just don't care. They have power right now, complacent and complicit media a d on a daily basis Harper et al just keep piling it higher and deeper.

The arcane aspects of Parliament, process, accountability have been hijacked by Stephen Harper. Via the likes of Peter Van Loan, Tony Clement, Arthur Hamilton and of course Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne et al, the formal Opposition is derailed, detoured and defeated.. complety stymied.. as are those meant to examine the books, conflicts of interest, budgetary issues, elections, legislation etc

If not for The Supreme Court of Canada, Harper would have this country and its institutions hogtied. Gee, guess how willing he is to go for the throat of the judiciary? And look at all those whipped MP's, Senators, PMO that are just going along to get along.. Rancid political animals.. failed Canadians.. all of them

Anonymous said...

A couple of questions come to mind. First of all, why was Ken Morgan bundled off to Kuwait so quickly? Even if the horsemen get involved, they will have a hard time getting Mr. Morgan back to Canada for questioning since we have no extradition treaty with Kuwait.

Secondly, why did the system access and database logs of CIMS disappear so quickly? Is that evidence of a guilty mind? Were the computer system and database administrators directly involved? If not, who ordered them to destroy evidence? Do backups of those logs still exist?

If I were Sherlock Holmes, those are the avenues I would investigate. But I'm not, so I can't.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question about subpoenas, Andrew Prescott was granted immunity therefore by definition his testimony can't be used against him.

Alison said...

Anon@8:09 : True in the narrowest sense but the substance of his testimony was not granted immunity from further investigation. Ken Morgan has reportedly been back to Canada to visit since all this began and Jenni Byrne, who advised Prescott not to co-operate with EC, is still right there in the PMO.

Anon@7:18 : Well, that's the biggie right there isn't it? -why didn't EC immediately have the CIMS logs subpoenaed?

Salamander : The most important aspect of the Harper methodology that Canadians need to recognize.. is that they just don't care. They have power right now, complacent and complicit media a d on a daily basis Harper et al just keep piling it higher and deeper
Yes. Before he ever came to office, Harper wrote about his admiration for the amount of power wielded by the US president and yet we did not foresee that would become the defining characteristic of his *reign*.

Elizabeth May, who is much more generous of heart than I am, told listeners at a book launch recently that Con MPs are uniformly appalled to discover how little they matter when they get to Ottawa - that like most of the Libs they are only permitted to read off party talking points. She thinks they would behave much better if allowed to actually participate as they were elected to do.

MgS said...

Before he ever came to office, Harper wrote about his admiration for the amount of power wielded by the US president and yet we did not foresee that would become the defining characteristic of his *reign*.

Some of us did, but that was mostly the rare progressive voters in Alberta that watched with horror as the Reformatories took flight in the early 90s.

Unfortunately, herr Harper was able to bamboozle the rest of the country. (I'll ignore Alberta voters, because that's a special case of its own yet to be unravelled)

thwap said...


Reading your blog gives me the ammunition I need to humiliate those anti-democratic harpercon trolls who sneer that there was no scandal, that it's all a "leftard conspiracy."

It's up to the rest of us to take the information, the knowledge you assemble, and do something with it.

These people should all be in prison cells. Instead, they're running the country, profiting from their criminal behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Holly Stick here:

Elizabeth May asked EC Commissioner to re-open the investigation:

She had complained about robocalls in her riding in 2011 but never heard back from EC.

Unknown said...

Alison you once told me that there was no evidence for Stephen Harper and 'The Northern Foundation' um how do you explain this then?

The Northern Foundation was "National Citizens Coalition" they had two different names for the same organization depending on their audience. Kinda like you know 'The Fraser Institute' or 'The Calgary School' same stink different name eh?

Anyways I wish you the best holiday season ever!

Mogs Moglio!

kootcoot said...

There were ratf**k robo calls in the previous (to 2011) election also in Saanich and the Islands telling people to vote for a candidate that had dropped out of the race. The reformatories aren't at all bothered by voter suppression, after all they aren't finished with wrecking Canada and its reputation. Tony Abbott, Benny the yahoo and our own chubby Steve all should be brought to the Hague and then put in a dungeon together to share their man-love.

Hugh said...

Beijing York said...

I'm still hanging on to my list of people I think might very well have been involved hoping that some day the truth will be exposed. I still think that the brain trust of Responsive Marketing Group was involved.

In the meantime, Merry Xmas Alison!

Unknown said...

Kootcoot you make me laugh would that not be nice? And I was born there and its real name is wait for it Den Hague! Pictures it is a very beautiful city:;_ylt=AwrTceDSWp1UBzYAFoEPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsOXB2YTRjBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw--?_adv_prop=image&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&va=den+hague+netherlands&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

But you are correct sir they all Harper Obama Bush and his entire cabinet Blair but let us add Clark need to face the court in Den Hague and become cell mates for life, good call my man.

Unknown said...

Hugh my man,

"... the calls should have been identified as coming from the Conservative Party, and that an "internal miscommunication" had occurred..." Yes says it all um miscommunication? Methinks he meant outright lies eh?

Mogs Moglio
And best New Year to you Alison and all positive posters!

Alison said...

See update link today - Glen McGregor, bless him, still on it. He had a story up yesterday confirming EC's refusal to Elizabeth May's new request to reopen case in light of new evidence at Sona trial.
So we definitely know where we stand with EC now. No pretenses of working independently for the Canadian public anymore.

Thanks for your holiday wishes. Now back to work on heaving Steve, everybody!

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